Finally! Updated Webshop

Hi Peeps.

It’s taken long enough.  I’ve finally uploaded the updated version of the P’kaboo Bookshop.

It looks like this:

(Buy this: WP would not allow me to take a screenshot of my own site and upload it to the blog!  This took me reformatting and renaming the screengrab, and uploading it without its “handles”.)


Anyway it’s now set out so you can click on the genre you’re looking for.

Also check out the links menu on the left.  It takes you to most of the books (we’re still beta-testing the links, and now you can help us with that! 😀 )

Obviously the page does not stop where this image cuts off.

The nice thing is that it now doesn’t break on tablets and phones.  It has been improved for small-screen accessibility.

I have not yet updated all the book- and author pages, nor am I totally sure that I will.

Oh, yes, and the box for “Fantasy and Science Fiction” looks shorter.  It is.  It’s deliberate.  I’m still not a conformist.  It shouldn’t look perfect.  It should look unique.

In other news, we’re looking for:  Freelancers to help edit, illustrate, create covers and direct-sell.  If you can stick to a nasty deadline and don’t cost a tooth per word, then please feel free to contact (message me on the blog or do some detective work and contact me on LinkedIn, Facebook or – guess what – even via the P’kaboo contact page).  It’s a tall order, I know.  You guys are as scarce as a chicken’s tooth.  (Ok, that was a terrible non-Anglicism.)

By the way, if you buy an author coffee, I will enforce that he or she drinks it.  😀  Jus’ saying.

Also, we have a number of numbers in the machine, as is the habit…  but, shhh, not a word.  Trying a new approach.

So, happy?

(… gipsika sneaking away.)

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