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After a far too long wait, but right in time for Halloween, Andrea Kaczmarek’s “Do You Know The Rainbow Witch” is finally live. Get it here on P’kaboo, or follow the links on the site to Amazon. (Please remember to click “like” on the way.)

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Happy Halloween!

R.I.P, Keegan my friend

Last night a friend of mine and of my son’s passed away.

He was only 19. His whole life ahead of him. It is horrible when the young ones get reaped away.

He had survived Covid, already; but he wasn’t entirely well yet, and then he was in a car accident, injured critically. He died in hospital a few days later.

Fly free, young soul. Deep condolences to your mom and your family.

Burning bridges, and Beautiful Ireland

Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” has long been a favourite for me.

But today for the first time I actually read the history of the song, and I was – slightly taken aback. For the first time I understand what they mean with “you wore out your welcome with random precision”. Well, that ties right in with one of my three words for 2021: Boundaries.

[Here’s the link; educate yourselves! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shine_On_You_Crazy_Diamond]

It also ties in well with the audiobook I’m listening to – Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The habit I’m revising right now is “Win-Win – or No Deal”.

This is interesting, because while most people tend to think just “win”, they don’t really care if they hurt or benefit another as long as they win, of course in the long run win-win is the only stable strategy. But there are enough people who don’t want to play; they either want to see you lose (or they don’t feel they have won), or they want to sacrifice themselves to see you win. Neither is healthy. So “Win-win, or no deal at all” is a position one can take and be pretty immovable about it.

And “or no deal” is about setting boundaries. Nobody sacrifices themselves. Nobody pushes another over.

Rare sight: You don’t often spot them courting

Regarding “Karen”

People, really!

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie, and discovered that the villain shared YOUR NAME?

What did you do with that book or movie? Did you put it aside, switch it off, give it away – or did you read or watch to the end, cringing every time and trying to associate with the villain? Or trying to defend the villain? Or having to add “not me” in your mind every time the name was mentioned?

Now imagine this is not a movie: It’s Real Life.

Someone has decided that YOUR NAME, which happens to be Karen, an insanely common name, stands for everything they hate about white women. From bad hairstyles to bad attitudes to whatever, you name it.

Every time someone says “she’s a real Karen”, you, who are a genuine Karen, cringe. It hurts. You know what they mean. They are hating on the name, piling manure on it. All over social media, wherever you look.

Every Karen I personally ever encountered, is a nice person. Karen means “beloved”. If you are privileged to have that beautiful name, hold your head up high and remember you were given it by your parents who love you. Not by some brainless little twits on social media.

It is worse than that tough: A whole demographic ( young to middle-aged white women) is being maligned here. People, have you learnt nothing??

Here is my wish:

May every last brainless little twit who references a “real Karen” that way, experience the same level of bullying about something that is genuinely about them. Something they can’t change. Like, their name. Or their face. Or possibly, their (brand-new, never used) brain.

That would be Karma.

Be ashamed! Be very ashamed.

(The deep irony of this is that the original “Karen” from the meme isn’t actually even a Karen. She goes by another name. But neither is it ok to take that other name and drag it through the mud, because there are thousands of women by that name too who haven’t done anything. — A few years back there was something similar about “Steve”. Some brain-dead company vilified the name in an advert. It turned into a meme. They had to face a class action suit by people named Steve.)

(Disclaimer: I’m not mad often. But when I am, I’m hoping to make Waves!)

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