Lenovo i3, G500

That’s the model.  I think.  But I can’t be sure anymore because they took everything – the computer, the box, the purchase note, EVERYthing.  I can’t even prove anymore that that was the machine I had.

Back then, the laptop was marked R8999.- on the shelves.  I remember clearly because I shopped high and low for a better price and there wasn’t one.  I didn’t buy it cash but via Vodacom – which is where their loophole comes in.  (I didn’t have a choice, last year after our robbery.)

They didn’t repair or replace my machine (though they did try to push a flimsy, poor-quality, lesser machine on me as “replacement” and I turned them down on that).  They “refunded” R6999.-, insisting that this had been the full purchase price (and of course as I’d bought it via Vodacom, I couldn’t prove otherwise).

“Why can’t I find an equivalent machine at that price?”

“There has been inflation.”

“So why wasn’t I reimbursed, adjusted for inflation?”

“It doesn’t work that way.  That was the purchase price.”

“But there has been inflation!”

“It doesn’t work that way.”  (SA’s crooks’ favourite phrase.)

But worse:  They didn’t refund cash (with which I might have bought an equivalent elsewhere).  They refunded an exclusive gift voucher, forcing me to buy my “replacement” at their setup (that I don’t want to touch with a bargepole anymore).  I was so upset on Thursday night, I couldn’t sleep.  Friday I felt so cheated, I didn’t even want to pick up that excuse of a “voucher”.  This is after they tried to convince me for a full half-hour on Thursday morning that a 1.9 gigahertz processor is the same as a 2.4 gigahertz processor, but 2.7 is astronomically more than 2.4.  It’s the blinking audacity of how stupid do they actually think their customers are.

Makro has a nice deal and they’d exchange the voucher – if it were a mastercard gift voucher, which of course it is not.  The Setup is trying to force me to take my replacement from them and nowhere else.

The shop is simply one setup of incredible corruption.

So, blogpals, hang tight, I’m still computerless and by now wondering if I ought to take them to court.  Haha, as though I could pay a lawyer!

So she’s irreparable??

Got a call this morning about my computer.  Apparently, irreparable.  (She’ll be replaced instead.)

I asked what was wrong, and I’m quite certain I didn’t understand correctly.  Old parts?  In my brand spanking new lappie?  Not yet a year old, bought out of the box?  How on Earth did old parts get in there??

Oh, and that model is discontinued.  (Does that tell its own story, perhaps?)  So I really hope the “equivalent” will actually have equivalent capacity etc,, not the monetary equivalent after a year’s inflation.

Wish we luck, everyone.

… haven’t forgotten you… still waiting for my computer…

Hi Blogpals!  Just a quick line…  still waiting…  like our former president Thabo Mbeki said after keeping several UK dignitaries waiting for almost an hour:  “Traditionally we don’t have such things as clocks.  But what we do have lots of, is time.”

With that truly South African nugget I leave you again…  addiiiioooo….  hopefully not for a whole week again!

Still no computer

So now we wait.

I forgot.  When they say 10 – 15 days they mean working days.  That means, 3 weeks, maybe four.  And we’re sitting in this country that sells all these overpriced rejects…

It is giving me time to mull about things though.  For instance that I haven’t seen my best friend from school since her mother’s book launch in 2012.  Haven’t had a girls night – alright, for years now, but haven’t met with friends other than the ones who are somehow involved with the studio, in months.  I wonder how one can live one’s entire life online.

And then there is the future.  I’m about to launch 3 young people into it, and with what preparation?  Ok, I taught them how to study well, that might account for something.  If it stuck, which I’m not always so sure of.  What kind of a future are they facing?

Many essential services are being automated, robotized.  The way typesetting disappeared 2 generations back:  Many other jobs are disappearing like that.  The Worker Ant State is being dismantled and the ants replaced with robots.  What kinds of professions will still be around?

And, will it mean that people will have more leisure time?  More time to keep themselves occupied, to live a little?  More time to read, play instruments, party a bit – or will they get more and more dependent on the drugs of computer games and… well, drugs?  Brave New World?

And what about those who are not Alphas and Betas?  The “lesser clones” are being replaced with machines.  So what are they supposed to do?

Well, let me get offline before this ol’ computer drops the power and reboots itself again.  If I didn’t answer your comments pls forgive.  It takes 5 minutes from one screen to the next.  I will catch up on all comments once I have the means again.


Do you remember the 80’s?  You bought a kettle and…  well, that was your kettle.  It just kept on working, until it rusted out.  30 years down the line.

My i3 is not yet a year in use.  And its motherboard has given in.  To the annoyance of the people who sold it to me, it’s still in warranty.  But to my annoyance they told me that the repairs, while they won’t cost me anything, will take 10 – 15 days.  That’s nice.  Take a motor mechanic’s toolbox away, or a dentist’s drills, or all the brushes and paints of an artist, for 15 days.  At least they didn’t take my violin!

I’ll be back when I’ve got my machine back.  Working on a borrowed & ancient computer here (I think it’s a 486), and apart from it being slow, I’m scared I’ll break it.  So, hasta la vista my friends, see you when I see you.

Just to stimulate some annoyance, here’s an interesting piccie.  If you’re buying food that comes in any kind of packaging, you’re buying it from one of these 10 companies:

Food Piracy

The 10 Companies that own the world’s food supply