Hi my followers. This is a quick Hi. You have wondered if I have dropped off the planet.

I am currently working full-time and trying to adjust to 1000 changes. Things are a bit wobbly on all fronts. P’kaboo is pretty much dormant while I am trying to raise the capital for it in another way.

I have always held that my contribution to the world is more important than my creature comforts at home. And that my most important contribution to the world is how I raise my children; because they shall remain after I am gone.

I also like to think Iain and I left a legacy of music, in our students and in our family. I can’t be sure of this now as I’m far away from where they are and have lost track of how most of them are progressing (under other teachers); and as for my own children, nobody even bothers singing these days.

Iain and I, we worked stepwise from being a couple, to working together on our future, to creating something amazing, to making things work… our mindset was in synch. We had the same values, outlook and goals. This added up to tremendous enthusiasm, energy and drive to get things done, to the point that those things actually paid us our income.

These days they don’t. Iain and I used to feed off each other’s enthusiasm; we shored up each other’s fire. We fanned each other’s flames. Fanning one’s own flames is a lot more difficult, especially if the biggest desire is to sleep for 3 weeks and then do nothing.

This is me trying to find the magic again of what enabled both of us back then to create something from nothing so spectacularly. It seems to me that magic is being sucked out of me by everyone surrounding me thinking like an employee: Chop wood, carry water, get pay. 1 unit of work = 1 unit of pay.

Where is the excitement in that? Where’s the vibrancy? Where’s the LEVERAGE and the ENERGY?

And wait, here comes the other side of it:


If I can go into Aldi and get some Petits Fours, and that is already the pinnacle of my reward – why am I bothering at all?

I feel that I need to create something again. Not something inner or online, like a book or a website, but something live and spectacular, like a launch, a concert, a performance or something. I need to step out and DO something. Something that inspires others, something that makes waves.

Don’t talk me out of that!

~ gipsika ~

Brand new title at P’kaboo: WISP – by Elizabeth Mostyn

WISP – a novel by Elizabeth Mostyn

The story of a half-retired, half-focused nutty professor, who has hallucinations and dreams, but stumbles across something that is too real to be either –

Ben’s trouble is that because of his general brain fog, people don’t quite take him seriously. However, with patience he manages to convince a few good friends to help him solve that mystery, and the much younger, sharper people begin to realize that they are up against what might be a horrific crime.

Brilliantly conceptualized, Mostyn puts the story together puzzle piece by puzzle piece. The most intriguing is the puzzle of Ben himself – what exactly happened to his Wisp?

Available now at P’kaboo Publishers.

Spooky reads are here, and a NEW RELEASE from P’kaboo

After a far too long wait, but right in time for Halloween, Andrea Kaczmarek’s “Do You Know The Rainbow Witch” is finally live. Get it here on P’kaboo, or follow the links on the site to Amazon. (Please remember to click “like” on the way.)

Image of book cover "Do You Know The Rainbow Witch"

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Happy Halloween!

R.I.P, Keegan my friend

Last night a friend of mine and of my son’s passed away.

He was only 19. His whole life ahead of him. It is horrible when the young ones get reaped away.

He had survived Covid, already; but he wasn’t entirely well yet, and then he was in a car accident, injured critically. He died in hospital a few days later.

Fly free, young soul. Deep condolences to your mom and your family.

Burning bridges, and Beautiful Ireland

Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” has long been a favourite for me.

But today for the first time I actually read the history of the song, and I was – slightly taken aback. For the first time I understand what they mean with “you wore out your welcome with random precision”. Well, that ties right in with one of my three words for 2021: Boundaries.

[Here’s the link; educate yourselves! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shine_On_You_Crazy_Diamond]

It also ties in well with the audiobook I’m listening to – Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The habit I’m revising right now is “Win-Win – or No Deal”.

This is interesting, because while most people tend to think just “win”, they don’t really care if they hurt or benefit another as long as they win, of course in the long run win-win is the only stable strategy. But there are enough people who don’t want to play; they either want to see you lose (or they don’t feel they have won), or they want to sacrifice themselves to see you win. Neither is healthy. So “Win-win, or no deal at all” is a position one can take and be pretty immovable about it.

And “or no deal” is about setting boundaries. Nobody sacrifices themselves. Nobody pushes another over.

Rare sight: You don’t often spot them courting