Tip of the iceberg


Hannah Cornelius (follow the link to see just how gorgeous she was) was the grand-daughter of the well-known pianist Pieter de Villiers (better known in my father’s generation as “Piet Vingers” because he could play everything).  She herself was at the beginning of an amazing career as a musician.

She was “hijacked” (get real:  Who hijacks a beaten-up old Golfie) along with her boyfriend who was either thrown out of the car or managed to escape with heavy injuries – he is in hospital.  Her body was found, true to style for these monsters, in the veld.

The reason she made it into the news was because of the celebrity connection to her grandfather.  The crime was called a “hijacking gone wrong” instead of calling it what it is:  An assassination of a beautiful young woman who had everything going for her.

I’ll bet the police have our case on their records too as a “house robbery gone wrong”.  There was nothing that was taken; the way that death squad moved, were dressed and behaved, made it quite clear to me that it had nothing to do with stealing and everything with murder.

How many people get assaulted & murdered this way and countless other ways here, and it never hits the media?  Wherever I turn, people know someone personally who has been assassinated, and have been intimidated and threatened themselves (one of my studio parents was stabbed within an inch of his life and survived by a miracle; at least four different families in my current studio of 14 have experienced gun-point terror).  We all try not to drive at night; doors get locked and security gates get secured once we’re inside a house.

This is the tip of the iceberg:  Hannah made it into the news because her family, already in the spotlight due to the great musician Piet Vingers, contacted the media and wrote her a eulogy.

For every Hannah Cornelius who makes it into the news there are hundreds who get slaughtered down who don’t.  Iain was actually mentioned by Maroela Media (not by name) due to the extraordinary heroism he displayed, and the enormous waves our case made in the neighbourhood.

At Iain’s wake, people were looking to me to give a speech.  Except that I was speechless.  I had already told each one of the 150+ people on the phone what had happened that night.  They themselves knew what Iain was about:  Music, sunshine, light, fun, encouragement, helping others.  Everybody loved him.  I couldn’t make a speech.  I  excused myself.  (Perhaps a family friend would have been able to give a eulogy.  I didn’t think of it when I planned the wake.  A wake is more about everyone talking to each other, not people giving speeches like at a funeral.)

But the tribute is still in the brewing.  I fully intend to post one to my contacts at the local papers, hoping that it is important enough to them to publish it.

What I’m trying to say, staying on topic, especially for those of you who are reading but do not live here in South Africa:

Most murders in South Africa are never reported.  We have 60 000 murders per year (if it isn’t more by now).  I don’t know how many media posts we have per year.  Only the murders on celebrities and their families, or some other occasional cases, hit the media.

It is estimated that if all crime stopped in South Africa, the economy would collapse.


Sorry about the sinister posts. When walking through the Dead Marshes one needs the Phial of Galadriel, to illuminate the way.  More, to remind one that there is light.

We are gearing up for a visit to Ireland, to see our family there, in prep for our eventual emigration next year.  I’m organizing a long visit.  I need to see if I can build a studio there like we built here.  Do they have space for another violin/viola/guitar teacher?  (Yes I do play guitar.  I’d probably experiment a little with methods, I like the “Shine” school, and Mel Bay, I myself learned via the Noad but that’s a pretty steep curve if you don’t already play another classical instrument and have the self-discipline of practicing correctly.)

I also need to explore the internet connectivity there and see what the book scene looks like (printers, shops, media etc), to be able to plan for P’kaboo.

Kids, suitable school / tertiary programs…  all that is on my list for scouting out.  Budgets, living expenses, potential for income – a lot of things I can’t see from where I’m now.  Yup, a long visit is indicated.  (Can’t wait to see the fam again – the kiddies are bigger now and there’s one extra!)

So if you happen to be wafting through Cork in the time between late July and early October, dewdrop in for a cuppa joe!






I’ve apparently been blogging on WordPress for 7 years, tonight.  Hmm.  I’ve been blogging from 2008, solid, but I guess it was on other platforms.

So, happy birthday, Blog.  It’s a bleak and dismal birthday, but… I guess we all will have bleak and dismal birthdays this year, Wildest One was the first.

Today the gloves came off.  I’m sick of the curve balls I’m being thrown, people pretending.  High-handedness from certain angles.  Manipulation.  A person I had nothing much to do with all these years, grabbing control of my and the kids’ lives.  How people change their faces suddenly when somebody dies!

You.  Shall.  Not.  Pass!

No.  No spoilers.  There shall be a book.  Once it is all over.


About our website

Dear bloggies, just to put you at ease about P’kaboo.

I am aware that the website is down – in fact, it was down in January.  This is due to a server inconsistency & following dispute that was not resolved to date (and not really pursued because I am snowed under with other things).  I need to follow it up and reconstruct the site.

Our books are all available on Amazon, and a good deal on Smashwords.  Look up the author names on Amazon and you will find the book.  The exceptions are our music books.

All this will be fixed in due course when I have time to fix the hosting issues and put up a new website for us (I have been meaning to upgrade it for a while anyway so it is Android compliant).

P’kaboo is currently on hold as a publisher (though books can be purchased through Amazon and Smashwords, as above), but we will retake it once my life has returned to some sort of order.

~ gipsika ~


“List, what list?”

In my mission to try to get Skype to work (secretly wishing the program had a connection to the Between so I could Skype my forever love), I came across all the usual common bugs and internet gripes.  10 000 passwords to recover, go to ancient email accounts you nearly forgot you opened 10 years back…  mainly to have a place for all the Facebook notifications to fall into without disturbing your normal flow of daily correspondence…  and I happened across a program called “Truthfinder”.

Truthfinder is touted to find really scary truths about people…  put in a name, and up come traffic offences, places the person has been, old aliases…  everything you hoped the NSA wouldn’t put together about you because it creepily reminds us of George Orwell’s “1984”.

I’m compulsive, so of course I tested it out.  (Are my e-toll bills up there?  Do I have a parking fine I’m not aware of?)

It didn’t find me.

It found someone else, different age, different name, different state…  of course I’m not American, so maybe this search is restricted to America.

It reminded me of one of our little Amway “strategies” (rather, just a little fun thing we used to do on occasion).  When someone turns you down for a meeting, for an opportunity to look at the business, you shrug and say, “Okay, then I’ll just take you off the list”.

List? What list?  I’m on a list?  Oh my hat, how did I get on a list? Is it bad?  Did I get to win something, or what?

One can increase the effect by saying “short list” instead.

What?  I was short-listed for something?

These little mind games remind me of the bus driver I chatted to when I was around 16… middle-aged, fairly bored with the job but faithful, but he amused himself by stuttering the brake and watching the people’s heads go forward in a series of movements like pigeons.

It shows you that the most boring job can be freshened up with a bit of creative humour.  Of course his “test subjects” never suspected the stuttering brake was specially for them!

Have a sweet Friday.  I am not making promises about stories quite yet.




Funnyface is back :)

I presume, Tiggles will be keeping close.  I’ll have to go around my friend’s garden and call for her – unless she comes back for food before then.  It’s dark by now, I should not drive anymore today.

Pls hold thumbs, everyone, that Tiggles is about to come back too.


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There are various main items on my “master list”, that need to happen.  I need to focus.

Today we took Wild One and his girlfriend out to see “Beauty and the Beast” featuring Hermione Granger.  I must say she is a stunning Belle.

The first time Hubbs and I saw the movie (animated Disney) was when it came out on Big Screen in 1991, we had just met…  and we were a darned cute couple!

It’s difficult to watch movies where the hero gets shot full of holes and by some magic or miracle is restored to life – mine wasn’t.  Difference between real life and fiction.  I miss him.


Cats escaped… :’-(

I’ve been working flat-out, I’m beginning to feel like a circus pony with too many tamers with their whips (wait. I think I’m getting confused.  Pony or tiger?).

So tomorrow I’m taking off.  That is, later today.  After the sun comes up.

Our kitties were being fostered by a friend, purely so that they could have a temporary home away from the Haunted House, until someone wants to adopt them (there is someone lining up).  Now they have escaped from my friend’s house!  I don’t know what to do.  I’ve alerted everyone I know on Facebook, hopefully there are some in the area who could spot them.  If you are in Faerie Glen or Garsfontein please keep an eye out?

We believe they will stick together.  The calico, Funnyface, is a good huntress so I don’t think they are in immediate danger of starving.  They are hopefully also streetwise, but of course there is never a guarantee on that.

My friend said that they started screaming every night at 1 am.  No idea why, but it is weird.  What went on every night at 1 am at the Haunted House?

There are already posters up for them from the search for their new home, but I think I’ll have to put up more now.

Why on Earth… (some Friday Creepiness)

Now, 3 and 1/2 months after, I’m beginning to feel the effects of the actual invasion.  I was numb with grief, before, or drowning.  Now the paranoia is kicking in.  Were we specifically targeted?  Why?  He was a musician, for the love of light!  He never hurt a fly!  He didn’t even have any abrasive political opinions – nothing.

This doesn’t make sense – but it does make for impressive nightmares.

Off topic:  a bit of extra creepiness (this is beginning to feel as though I’m in a Dean R Koontz novel, at least I hope it’s Koontz and not Stephen King, that’s even worse):

Why was it so important to my sister-in-law to come and literally raid our house of all documents (accidentally including my children’s birth certs!), and all of her mother’s medical records, within less than 48 hours of Hubbs’ death?

Ok, I know, I wasn’t supposed to ever see that will.  But why the medical records?

I told you:  Paranoia!  If I ever have the heart to work this whole thing into a novel, it will be a pretty wild one.


Did I jinx it with my short-stories?


PTSD and people want to know

We’re coping.

Life will never be the same again.  Yep, of course not.  But, coping.

Had 2 birthdays in the family since;  Wildest One’s and my mother’s.  So my artistic oldest took on the task of creating a birthday cake for each:


It reminds me of the advice I was given when she herself was a toddler and I was trying to make her pretty birthday cakes.

Someone said, the kids don’t need the sponge cake underneath.  Just the icing with the theme on top – that’s all they eat anyway.

Fondant tastes yucky.  I think they put glue into it, and plastic.  So these cakes were more for looking at than eating.

Here is the 7th birthday cake Iain made for our oldest (I baked, he decorated) :


Please remember to keep an eye out for someone who could take our 2 kitties.  Still no luck finding them a home.  😦