Covid update

Hi Peeps

After the last post I have not had the heart to post anything for a while. A lot has changed in these few weeks though and I think it is time to touch sides.

Covid19, a tiny, membraned RNA virus, has put the entire world on its back.  Uncounted small businesses have closed their doors; independent people are suddenly out of an income or (in countries like here) on social welfare.  Larger businesses have also either closed down, or alternatively, if they could, leveraged the situation by going online.

Online business is flourishing.

Children have been sent home to remote-school.  I as an ex-homeschooling mom can’t call it home school as it does not entail selecting your own content.  All content is still prescribed.  But there’s still significant benefit, in that each student ends up responsible for their own progress and learning, with no teacher to blame it on.

I’m holding down the day-job from home office.  At the same time I’m one of the lucky ones who can just carry on from home, and not so lucky as there is no break to do much of anything with the publishing.  There are ongoing technical issues with new books we are trying release on Amazon as they have changed their systems;  nevertheless, our existing books are on Amazon as before, and on Smashwords a number of them are actually on special.

Highlights of this special are:

Mercury Silver: (Short stories by 8 authors)

From My Cold Undead Hand (Marie Marshall: Vampires)

The Blue Between (Annemarie Luck:  Love story)

Split Decision (Carmen Capuano: Crime Fiction)

Arcana (gipsika: Urban Magic Story)

The Solar Wind series ( Lyz Russo: Pirates/ Science Fiction)

Some are free, some are deeply discounted.

Go check it out, and have fun reading!






2 thoughts on “Covid update

  1. It has been a crazy month or so. Still difficult every time I think of Les. We’re battling along, like a great many people, and trying to define the ”new normal”, what ever this turns out to be.

    • Hey Ark. I absolutely refuse to define lockdown as any kind of “normal”. It is an emergency measure and that is all, but humankind has already survived 1 million years worth of lethal diseases, I’m not worried about the species.

      Stay strong my friend, and keep upbeat.

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