R.I.P Les Noble


It is with shock and grief that I heard last night that on the 13th of March, our friend, and chief editor, and long-term associate of P’kaboo, Leslie Noble, lost his fight against cancer.

He fought this illness like a champion, keeping spirits high, taking care of his granddaughters, tackling new projects and looking after his friendships.  He was one of the most vivacious people I’ve ever come across.  P’kaboo lost an amazing author and editor; for me personally, a close friend crossed over to the other side.  My children lost one of their favourite authors.

Les, your fight is over and it is good that you are no longer in pain.  May you rest in peace.  May your family find comfort.  Our deepest condolences.

I know, as you believed too, that you are around, still looking out for your loved ones and your friends.  We shall meet again beyond that Gate.  We’ll miss you in the here and now.

… gipsika…

10 thoughts on “R.I.P Les Noble

    • Hi Ark. I also still emailed him last week, not realizing it was just his inbox. I’m so sorry. I’ve been extremely worried about him for a while now, and when there was silence in January I thought it had already happened, but he came back… this time though, his daughter contacted me.
      He was an awesome friend and a tremendous writer and editor, and colleague.

    • I had my suspicions, especially after several of our blog pals have passed after a lengthy silence.
      Nevertheless, it still feels like a blow to the gut.
      My guitar tutor passed away two days ago -he was 86 – so this is turning out to be a bit of a rough week.
      As for corona and all the ensuing issues –
      we are doing okay. All fit and reasonably healthy. No one infected and no one I know infected either.
      Business has slowed down but still ticking over. No major worries on that front.
      It’s quiet over here. You remember what it’s like over Christmas, yes? Somewhat like that.

  1. I am in shock. I’d left a message in early March. Just got word from Arkh. I liked Les a lot. Though we never met. Maybe because I was raised in Africa. (Some shared experience there)
    I call myself a Mzungu, “white man” in Swahili… For fun. 😉
    I loved his unique sense of humour. He will be missed. Sorely.
    Though I don’t know them, if you can, please extend my warmest sympathies to his family. His wife (MBH!), his grandaughters, whom I’ve seen grow on his blog. They must be devastated. Not to mention his many four-legged friends and pets… (In line with Les’ sense of humour)
    You all take care now in SA. Another monster is coming…

  2. I was so sad to read your news last night. Dear ‘Col’ as I always called him, was one of my favourite bloggers and we met a couple of times. He will be sorely missed here. He lived for his family and I can’t begin to imagine their sense of loss at this time. What a brave fight he fought against the dread cancer. He was a real trooper. Rest in peace, dear Col.

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