Groundhog Day

… or, St Bridget’s Day. Depending where you are.

A peep inside P’kaboo Publishers at this moment:

I’m in the woes of fixing up the website to work on mobile.  Needed a few puzzle pieces, have them now.  The Index page is done (in any case I like keeping that fresh if possible), the Young Writers’ Contest page is done and so is the Contact page. The page that will take the longest, is the bookshop, because though I have the method down pat now, it’s a lot of books that need to have their info and everything changed to the new format.  The current shop may look tidy but it fails on certain screen widths, where the perfectly correct HTML4 table has been depreciated in HTLM5 to some form of abomination.  Some clever developer changed the way browsers read tables and added extra fields in that are absolutely invisible in the source code.  To support the new religion that tables are “no good” for creating websites.  It’s just a fashion statement, but now it’s a tyrannical one.

Also working on a few books by a few authors.

If you like, you can go over and look at the work-in-progress the site is at this point.  Mobile, PC or tablet, feel free…

We did collect some entries for the Young Writers’ Contest, which I’ll be reviewing.

The next project I’d like to put out there is something for the summer, I’ll have the details to you all really soon.  It will be for adults, not children writers; ebook only for now, a collection of short stories similar to Mercury Silver, but this time with a theme.  The theme would be a quirky, offbeat romance for a light summer read.  Feel free to use the emails on P’kaboo to contact me and ask for more details, or ask here in the comments if you like.

Got to run now.  “Keep rocking”, like Iain used to say.


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