January can be dry…

…which is why, unilaterally as owner and CEO, I decided to give peeps access to ONE of my books for free again, just for now…  but promise me… you won’t allow it to interfere with homework!

I’m also curious how many people, downloading a free ebook, will actually read it.  If you end up actually opening it and reading the first chapter, and you find time, please leave a little comment – “Read chapter 1” or something.  If you finish the book, it would be cute to leave a little message here in the comments, “reddit” or similar.  This is just to satisfy my curiosity, will you play?  (It’s a funny psychological effect that people will download a free book in a heartbeat, because it is free.  Whether or not they then end up reading any of it or even the first page.)

Now, the only question:  Which one?  Could you leave a comment for me which of my books you’d like me to throw out there for free until end of January?

Here are the choices:

  • Solar Wind 1 (“The Mystery of the Solar Wind”)
  • Solar Wind 4 (“Raider”)
  • “The Family Pool”  (low word count)
  • “Chiaroscuro” (short-stories)
  • “Arcana” (~60 000 words)


Let me know in the comments.

~ gipsika ~

2 thoughts on “January can be dry…

  1. This is a cracker of a book to outclass anything set off on 5th November or found on the Christmas Dinner table.
    Sadly, I think human nature is such that the probability of a book being read is in relation to what is paid for it. After an expensive outlay, one is far more likely to read it than simply after the effort of downloading.

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