Merry Christmas

to all ye* P’kaboo followers, authors, readers, doers and friends.


(*I have learned, since arriving in Ireland, that “ye” is still the perfectly acceptable plural of “you”.)

As a Christmas discount for our readers, particularly ebook lovers (because of the convenience, the light-weight, the take-it-anywhere, you know…), we’re giving deep discounts on many of our Smashwords books.

Here are the coupon codes:

Code: SEY75

Split Decision (Carmen Capuano)

The Assassin (LR)
Freedom Fighter (LR)
Raider! (LR)
The Morrigan (LR)
Nix Romipen (LR)

Code: SEY50

The Family Pool (LR)

Fanta Claus (LR)

Code: SS100

Mercury Silver – short stories, various authors
Arcana (gipsika)

This puts all the included books in the under $2 category – for a week, around Christmas, from 25Dec – 1 Jan.

Two of the books are absolutely free during this time;  the SS100 books, Mercury Silver and Arcana.

Here are the links:

Have fun reading!

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    • 😀 Possibly in Edinburgh – not so much in Cork. Funny, the dialects even vary between Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Actually not that funny. One can tell if a South African comes from Durban, the Free State, Cape Town or Johannesburg. If one is clued up that way. 😉

    • Edinburgh, no. Dublin, yes. As in the Flann O’Brien story – one of his many about of Keats and Chpaman – concerning the time that Keats took the landlordship of The Brazen Head in Lower Bridge Street. I will precis it thus:

      Chapman was in Keats’s pub one night, when who should drop in but his old friend Dr. Watson of Baker Street, London. Well, Chapman hadn’t seen him in ages, and they fell to talking nineteen to the dozen, drinking each other’s health, singing the old school song, and such. It grew late; Keats had sounded ‘Last orders’ and then ‘Time’, and had started to drape the bar towels over the beer engines, but still Chapman and Dr. Watson were at it. At last Keats could take no more, and he shouted at them…

      “Gentlemen, have yiz got no Holmes to go to?”

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