Young Writers Contest, Ireland

The Young Writers Contest in Ireland is LIVE!


Click the images to take you to the site.  🙂

Have fun.


//* on the aside:  A bit of webbie ranting…

…The scrollbar on the first and second image shows a sad state of affairs in web design.  A few years back the whole idea was to make pages that fit the screen 100%.  Scrolling was considered a nuisance; sliders and slide shows, fancy design.  Admittedly, lightboxes (those windows that open on mouseclick, in the middle of the page with darkened but semi-transparent background) are seriously delicious features; but… the name of the game now is “mobile phone”.  I’ve been avoiding facing up to this for a good few years, but the time has come.  The pages collapse into “modules” on narrower screens, and… the scrollbar is back.  :-/  It was inevitable on the web shop due to product logic, but now it is out of necessity everywhere.  (* sigh… *)

Certain things just don’t work nicely on a mobile; drop-down menus are one of them.  So, oh well, gone is the beloved ddmenu… the honourable, practical and tidy idea of Word Perfect.  Replaced by a messy “junk drawer” at the bottom of the page.

The Bookshop will be next.  Extra overformatting in browser updates causes everything that is a table to deteriorate horrifyingly on anything smaller than a PC screen.  There are extra cells in there etc.  There is a school of web design that declared the use of tables evil… but, if you have products that need a tabular layout, they need a tabular layout!  It is illogical to destroy a perfectly good feature of web design out of ideology.  The whole concept of tables is to categorize things.  Ah, well.  Fashion overrules solid logic.  (I’m quietly certain that Amazon uses tables!)

At any rate, end of comment.  Enjoy!  *//

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