Inferno Award


This dropped into my mailbox today.  I want to weep!  But for me, too much is happening in the next 15 days to quickly thrash out another 45K word horror novelette.  I know of only one author I could challenge to this…

C’mon, M, grab it and run with it!!

For only a $600 advance cheque for the winning entry, I don’t know if it’s a deal a self-respecting poet and novelist would even blink at, but the challenge itself sounds too delicious to miss!  Besides, if it is horror, it should be from your pen…

In case you bloggies forgot the unforgettable, here is the result of the previous challenge:


“A great adventure book that will keep you reading and wanting to know more.” (Nikki Mason, BestChickLit)


3 thoughts on “Inferno Award

  1. Re the above book: when one wants to know more, one can — ‘Kwireboy Vs Vampire’ which continues the mission of taking vampire tales out of pulp fiction and returning them to literature.

    • ‘Kwireboy vs Vampire’ – an incredible, very noir and moody, surrealistic yet gripping sequel to ‘From My Cold Undead Hand’. Spooky to the extreme. Masterful writing. And no glitter or half-eaten apples anywhere!

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