Another lucrative list for short-story authors


Once again, this list comes from Freedom With Writing.

I suggest every serious writer bookmark the link…  they send one opportunities.  Nope, they’re not paying me to promote; I’m shamelessly using their info to entertain you peeps.

Dreams, goals, visions and callings.

I’ll leave you with those keywords, because really, everything I could write in a post for you concerning those four has already been said.  Maybe the key part of it all:


Good luck with the submissions!  🙂

(Oh, and anyone looking at that image…  does the thing that bothers me about it bother you too?)

4 thoughts on “Another lucrative list for short-story authors

  1. I checked the top one and they are calling for subs about pirate stories though not quite my area, seems right up your street!
    Have you ever used these sites in the past? What are they like?

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