Rocks and reviews

While editing for a friend, I received a sweet review in the mail for one of our authors:  Carmen Capuano.

A reader writes:

“Hi, I have just finished reading your novel. WOW! Had to sit and read the last few chapters in one go, so gripping, such a different story from the usual, well done,
Regards Val Ford”


Thank you, Val!

I have to add that I agree with the reader.  It’s a good read!

Capuano’s book, “Split Decision”, deals with a young girl on the eve of her 16th birthday, being asked out by two guys at the same time and having to make a fast decision whom to date and whom to let down.

Starting deceptively like an innocent teenage romance, it soon progresses down sinister paths into danger to her life.

The author pursues two alternative versions, following where each choice would lead Natalie.  From a writing style, the chapters alternate between the two possible realities, sometimes throwing the reader a little but giving a lot of necessary contrast and perspective.

At the time of publishing I found the book a hard, realistic read of crime fiction.  Now more than ever will I recommend it to those who have not been exposed to the darkness of the criminal world.  It is gripping, and glaringly vivid.  The emotions are sharp-edged.  World, wake up.  I don’t know where Carmen Capuano got her clear vision of the stark fear and hopelessness of those places, but she captures them.  If this read doesn’t leave you rattled, shaken and with an urgent sense of doing something to change life in the modern dungeons, then few things will.

The book is available on Amazon; also as an ebook from P’kaboo.  Here are the links:

On P’kaboo:


 On Amazon:

Blank bookcover with clipping path


On Goodreads:

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As for our “rocks” here in Ireland, I’ve been asked what’s happening with P’kaboo.

Well, to begin with, I plan to register it here, locally, and retain the South African branch as a branch.  There are competent people manning the South African side of it…

I am cautiously scouting out the “lay of the land” here, putting out feelers to shops, libraries, music shops.  And print shops.  Sorely missing Hubbs’ fire and initiative.  But I have a few ideas…

Signing off for now.



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