The Golden List Challenge

In our training system in the multilevel we’ve been participating in for two decades now, there are books on positive thinking and all sorts of other topics.  There are CDs too, that are a lot more specific to our network.

On one of these CDs (I think it may have been by Zig Ziglar), the motivational speaker mentions a Golden List.

This is a ritual to do every morning as you get out of bed.  (You do get out of bed in the morning, right?  My kids being full teenagers now, on off-days they only get up after lunch-time.  Hurricane Ophelia on Monday and yesterday was the perfect excuse.  I seriously hope that Storm Brian will not immobilize our Ireland the same way Ophelia did, even though I cracked myself about the storm jokes before the wind set in.)  (We stopped laughing when we watched ancient trees fall over like so many matchsticks.  :’-( )


The Golden List

This is a list of 20 items you make every morning, that you are most thankful for.

The challenge is to keep it up for a full month.  (Actually, for a life-time.)  But, seeing that we are fickle creatures, let’s set some milestones.

Let’s set the challenge for 1 week.  From today (Wednesday) to next Wednesday.

  • It has to be every day (don’t miss a day).
  • It has to be 20 items.  This gets easier with practice.
  • Let me know in the comments if you’re participating; we can boost each other.
  • If you like you can blog your list and link into the comments so I can check it out.  But going public with the list is not necessary.  It is after all an exercise in personal gratitude, for the purpose of increasing your emotional well-being.

So, good luck!











14 thoughts on “The Golden List Challenge

  1. I have never been any good at this type of thing, so I will step aside and allow those more in tune with such stuff to take centre stage.
    Exit stage left ….
    I am more interested in how you guys are developing your Irish accents …. t’be sure, and when you are getting back on the publishing wagon?

    • Currently editing for an author… not in Irish though.

      The reason I don’t post too much at this point is because there are many ups and downs. The paperwork has given me quite a runaround; some things are still being processed. Also, every step along the way I’m being brought face-to-face with that I’m totally at ground zero again… like an 18-year-old but with the added disadvantage of age. Weird that.

      The kids are taking to their schools & colleges, it’s going fine there. Teenage wobbles as are always expected. Publishing, I’ll let you know when I’m fully back on the job. 😉

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