Wedding anniversary

Today, 20 years back, I married my soulmate.

It was a fairly small wedding.  7 people in total, at the reception (including the 2 of us).  Still it was amazing.

My cousin and I created the wedding cake, the 2 days previously.  It was so damp that the icing flowers refused to work, so we decorated with – wait for it – white freesias and red cranberries.  My dress was borrowed, and maroon, not white.  Our photographer was actually a professional photographer, my cousin’s tenant. She took amazing photos; only I have not yet digitized them.

We made a turn in Bristol after that; Hubbs had a 1-weekend job there.  We spent some time in Weston Supermare (weird place) because I wanted to be at the sea.

TBH, this move to Ireland is not proving easy in any way.  My inlaws have helped tremendously, but actually they don’t want to stay here, and they want us to move with them when we’ve just arrived here.  I have no idea what the options are in the rest of Europe or whether we’d even find a foothold.  Here, at least, we speak the language and the kids have a birthright.  But the bureaucracy proves tough – things that ought to be either legal rights or not, are “discretionary”.  Stupid little loops, like a PPS number:  My oldest, R, has her full citizenship, but because she was not born here, now she has to get her PPS number (basically, tax number) separately.  Every Irish citizen here gets his PPS number at birth; why did she not get hers at the point she was registered?  They want all sorts of excuses why she should “deserve” one.  To do a driver’s license; to study; to have a job.  But the colleges won’t let her sign up without one, and the employers won’t employ her without one.  And without one, they won’t let her do anything.

In that case, what does the citizenship mean at all?  This is ridiculous.

When I left Africa, I had to content with no end of admin rubbish.  South Africa is over-regulated to the teeth.  They use admin to exert power over people and breach people’s constitutional rights.  I had not expected the same attitude here!

I think today I must take the kids somewhere and just take a day off worrying and wondering.


Lili und Iain auf dem Rasen vor Ou Lettere - bei Lilis Graduation 199yy

At my graduation, 1991


3 thoughts on “Wedding anniversary

    • There is that. Indeed. I hope it’s only limited to their officialdom.

      I have to say though that where your basic passerby is concerned, they are sweet, helpful and warm. 😀 Almost like South Africans!

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