Unreal colours, light, Ireland is gorgeous


Unfiltered!  This was the actual colour the phone captured of these deeply purple flowers.

Colours don’t come out the way they look. The light here is different.  I suspect that there is a general undertone in the light (red? violet?) that our eyes get used to, so it “normalizes”.  Then we wonder why our cameras (objective, you see) don’t pick up the colours the way we see them.




4 thoughts on “Unreal colours, light, Ireland is gorgeous

    • Still summer holidays here, so I’m trying to find the correct channels to advertise the studio. Was a bit of a wrench of a decision but I’ll give guitar lessons too. A lot of the time I still sit around like a piece of driftwood feeling washed-up on the beach, just marvelling at the peace and lack of police sirens or gunshots.

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