27th of July

Last year this time we were celebrating Hubbs’ birthday.

This year, he is not accumulating years anymore.  I will be getting older than him, in about a year.  My sweet wonderful will always still have his red wild mane.

Today I made a malva pudding for the clan – that was his favourite birthday treat.  After that, the kids and I went to a place with greenery, to tank up some green vibes, and then we went into Cork to see a movie…

oy, what a waste!  We rushed in because we were late; but we thought, from a postage-stamp sized poster and the title, that it would either be Scifi or about magic.  Instead, it was an issues movie…  we walked out about one third into it.  If it was meant to be a comedy, it was really in poor taste.

So instead we went for burgers and falafels. That’s actually the first time I’ve had falafel, even though they do get sold in South Africa.  It’s surprisingly good.


Angel clouds yesterday


It was much, much redder than this


Country lane




The reason the Irish have lace


Catching a moment in a fairy ring under a tree


Totally amazing cedar tree


Happy Birthday my sweetheart. I’m sure you love it here.





11 thoughts on “27th of July

  1. Was thinking of you from the time the birthday started coming up on my mobile.
    Wouldn’t know a falafel if it bit me … or I bit it! The light seems different there, even from that in England.

    • It does. I’ve been wondering if this is a pocket in a parallel reality or maybe another planet… apparently, no reptiles or amphibians at all on the island, all except for one imported potato toad from England. One wonders how an ecosystem can exist without frogs or lizards? But the snails seem to be doing very well on the garden walls when it rains.

  2. The images give off a sense of calm that is not easily found over here. And this is coming from someone who was once gregarious, but now rarely ventures out simply to ”wander about”.

    I think you are truly very brave taking on such a challenge. Would that I were so strong!
    Thoughts are with you, Lyz.

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