4th May, 2016. I saw it coming.


We are at our inlaws in Ireland now.   Things are still financially unstable as I have not found work yet or had time to rebuild a studio.  But at least there is safety here.  Things will work out alright, what I’m working on hardest now is getting my “mojo” back.  My sis-in-law is helping me immensely with the practical, stepwise stuff.  What gets us all a bit is the weird effect of losing our way in Cork city centre.

I can’t yet retake my writing as it takes peace, and peace of mind.  I’ll manage that once I have an income.

As for the rest…  I have a sweet little violin student, my nephew, and he’s throwing himself into learning violin, with gusto.  That is always great.  I hope there will be a studio full again, soon.

Anyway, signing off.









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