Dear Blogpals

Could one of you please post a message on my Facebook wall?  Please inform people there that I cannot currently access my Facebook account.  Just that.

I cannot get into my account.  In fairness it’s all stubbornness.  I absolutely refuse to give them my cellphone number; I refuse to click on faces and identify friends of mine.  They refuse to give me any other options, so we’re at an impasse.

This cannot last forever but I think I’ll sort it out by marching into Facebook’s offices in Dublin and kicking a few people around the house.  The reason is of course in the first place that my location has changed, and Google (and all those other NSA driven programs) has noticed.

I am now in Ireland.

We’re still very much unpacked, taking everything in with amazement.  The northern hemisphere is so different from the Southern!  More later.

~ gipsika ~


12 thoughts on “Facebook

    • Wad? I’m sure we did! It’s alright though, Col took care of it. I’m a bit ticked off with Facebook for that. Just because the NSA tracked that my computer moved with me from SA to Ireland?

  1. Posted there as follows:
    ‘Lili has blogged to say she is safely in Ireland, but is having issues in getting into Fb. Hopefully resolved soon, and hope the family are finding the Irish scene thrilling.’
    We can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Darling, please write me an e-mail, so I can give you my details. I want to phone you, talk to you, visit you. My e-mail address hasn’t changed since the last time we had contact via e-mail. Keeping fingers crossed!

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