Junjuly and Konmari revisited

So the Rhinovirus has caught up with us.  In my case it decided to make a detour from the sinus into the lungs too, the little devil.  I’m dosed up to me ears, because I do not like symptoms!

An old friend of ours used to refer to both winter and the winter colds and flues as “Junjuly”.

We’re sorting and clearing, working on what goes into storage and what is discarded.  Trying to move from a full, sentimentally cluttered home of 19 years into another full, cluttered house (filled with someone else’s furniture and clutter) taught me a sore lesson.

1)  It is not doable.  We worked on it for 7 months, reducing, throwing our own stuff out in bales, trying to integrate what we wanted to keep, being super conservative with throwing out anything from m-i-l’s things as they technically belong to s-i-l (who has a full house too and therefore, did not come to clear them…)

So, 2) I never want to have that many possessions again!  Marie Kondo has nothing on this.  Minimalist.  Squishing in my mom’s place for 6 months (it’s good to be here because my parents wanted us close and they are such an incredible comfort to us) has taught us to live out of suitcases and with minimal stuff.

If I think about it, we started our move out of our home just about a year back!  Unbelievable.

But, 3) there are certain things one needs, to make a home a home.

When we were moving, we didn’t feel at home in the Haunted House at all; until Wildest One suggested we need to move our “us-ness” into there.  That consisted of our favourite paintings on the walls, colours we love (the warm reds, dark-browns and oranges, but also the rich & deep blues and greens – we’re just not Pastel People and never were), and little touches – the little espresso percolator that Hubbs gave me for my birthday, my grandmother’s antique Turkish coffee pot.  It got better after that.

I guess those are the things Konmari means when she says they “spark joy”.



5 thoughts on “Junjuly and Konmari revisited

  1. These sorts of moving experiences bring one to tears even more than a weepy movie!
    We are still in a state of chaos after going on for three years. Again, we had a few households of belongings to cater for.

    • Three years. Yours is even worse than ours! You’re right, it’s a teary affair. Has it been three years? How is your daughter holding up?

    • Holding up well, in fact a tower of strength. The main holdup is final repairs that simply don’t get completed, so everything stays on hold. No use sorting until one has somewhere to sort them to.

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