:-O Epub Bud has stopped!

I’m shocked – and glad now that I took screenshots.

Epub Bud, free ebook site of 7+ years, is gone!

Last I looked (in December) they were still there.  And “Arcana”, with the gorgeous cover Iain made for it, was still on the right-hand top of the “Browse” page.



So many things have disappeared since he was killed.

Sometimes I get the illogical feeling that they only existed because he did.  For instance the cinema at Woodlands, and countless little coffee shops he and I used to frequent, with and without kids.

And then sometimes I feel as though they collapsed as a result of the same terminal break-down of South Africa of which he became a victim.

I have begun the task of tidying up loose ends – such as, finding out which websites he was keeping up and figuring out what to do with each.

Which brings us to Honeymead Books.  The sister site to P’kaboo, which I also need to address.  I will retake Honeymead along with P’kaboo.

I can’t believe Epub Bud is gone.  But then again, it was a non-profit, and perhaps they have achieved what they wanted to.  Seeing that the site was mostly for free books, I guess I do understand.

I must say their visual standard was high, as was their usefulness re conversion of ebooks.

Let’s give them a moment of respectful silence, and wish the proprietor all the best forward.

4 thoughts on “:-O Epub Bud has stopped!

  1. One learns that nothing on the web is secure and permanent. Amazon or Google could even vanish on a whim or a hostile takeover. We have seen 24.Com blogs, Letterdash, the far better Scrabble site that wasn’t on FB, and many others, suddenly dump one. The lesson is to have lots of spare eggs in lots of baskets, I suppose.

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