Thank you South Africa

… for once again showing us that your criminals are running the show.

Stupid bleeding hearts (what are they really intending) protest for “freedom of movement” for criminals, against security measures such as, pedestrians being identified at a boom gate (wtf?  All the motorists have to identify themselves!).

Security villages’ measures get curbed.  Criminals can again roam freely.

My oldest has PTSD and currently, also laryngitis that came with a flu.  So she couldn’t sleep, and therefore started roaming around the house.  She heard weird noises coming from the front and did what she shouldn’t to, went to investigate – and saw a criminal monster at the window with three more behind him, in the process of chopping through the burglar bars really quietly.  Clink, clink, clink.  She screamed.  At the top of her laryngitic voice.  Galvanizing me, her little sis, her brother and my parents out of bed.

Luckily the devils ran off.  Luckily there was a functional panic button and my father knew where it was.  Luckily the alarm went off and the security people came.  Luckily, nobody shot or stabbed my sweet girl to death last night.

But the criminals stroll quite openly out of the boom gate by day, not having to identify themselves, being able to try again tonight.

Thank you bleeding hearts.  Thank you humanitarian societies that decree that we have to put up with all the crime from north of South Africa too because our prisons are in better shape (gee, we taxpayers are really proud of that) and we don’t have death penalty like they do up north.

Thank you for creating a country where trains derail because of cable theft and innocent commuters get killed.  Thank you for allowing those devils to stay free so they can steal counter-weights of lifts that go crashing down then loaded with people.  Thank you for passing strict gun laws to the citizens while flogging off the collected weapons to the criminal element.  Thank you for allowing those devils to roam in gangs of four to six, to break into houses and murder down an old defenseless man, making a blood bath for the relatives to find.  Thank you for not executing them when they steal children and bludgeon them to death and leave them to rot in the veld.

Thank you for employing total idiots to man the police switchboard at the emergency number (think 911), where after I already said the address, they still ask back if Pretoria is in the Eastern Cape.  Do they know where their own elbow is?  Or are they paid to keep a person on the phone while the family gets stabbed and raped?  The police “isn’t coping” – no shit Sherlock, how about employing someone who doesn’t come out of an institution, to man the phones!  And thank you for the direct line at the police station just ringing…

“I had a dream.”

Wake up.  Dream’s over.


3 thoughts on “Thank you South Africa

  1. Not again! ‘Freedom of movement’ — in a war zone?
    Unfortunately these days the police are a spent force, and what works is a panic button linked to a really efficient security company with lightning-fast response time, backed by a group of dedicated local volunteers.

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