Book updates


Concerning P’kaboo:

In the interim I will try to submit our existing books to reviewers, like I was doing before everything in my life broke.  At least, this will provide some continuity.

There is a Teri Polen, a YA author who interviews other authors.  I’m linking to her blog, here it is:

Early in January, before everything went wrong, she signed me up for an interview.  It will be posted on the 9th of June.  I’m hoping this will provide a foot in the door for more of us.

It would also be a great idea if someone could offer to review some of her books for her or interview her back.  I know I’ll offer once things are more settled.


Beyond this, there is a contest for an Annual Book Award that is launched by Readers’ Favourite (a sweet review site on which some of us have already received some lovely reviews).

Here it is:

I’m sorry, there are only 3 days left to enter!  I was not paying attention.  Please, my authors and friends, go for it!



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