About our website

Dear bloggies, just to put you at ease about P’kaboo.

I am aware that the website is down – in fact, it was down in January.  This is due to a server inconsistency & following dispute that was not resolved to date (and not really pursued because I am snowed under with other things).  I need to follow it up and reconstruct the site.

Our books are all available on Amazon, and a good deal on Smashwords.  Look up the author names on Amazon and you will find the book.  The exceptions are our music books.

All this will be fixed in due course when I have time to fix the hosting issues and put up a new website for us (I have been meaning to upgrade it for a while anyway so it is Android compliant).

P’kaboo is currently on hold as a publisher (though books can be purchased through Amazon and Smashwords, as above), but we will retake it once my life has returned to some sort of order.

~ gipsika ~



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