Funnyface is back :)

I presume, Tiggles will be keeping close.  I’ll have to go around my friend’s garden and call for her – unless she comes back for food before then.  It’s dark by now, I should not drive anymore today.

Pls hold thumbs, everyone, that Tiggles is about to come back too.


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There are various main items on my “master list”, that need to happen.  I need to focus.

Today we took Wild One and his girlfriend out to see “Beauty and the Beast” featuring Hermione Granger.  I must say she is a stunning Belle.

The first time Hubbs and I saw the movie (animated Disney) was when it came out on Big Screen in 1991, we had just met…  and we were a darned cute couple!

It’s difficult to watch movies where the hero gets shot full of holes and by some magic or miracle is restored to life – mine wasn’t.  Difference between real life and fiction.  I miss him.


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