Cats escaped… :’-(

I’ve been working flat-out, I’m beginning to feel like a circus pony with too many tamers with their whips (wait. I think I’m getting confused.  Pony or tiger?).

So tomorrow I’m taking off.  That is, later today.  After the sun comes up.

Our kitties were being fostered by a friend, purely so that they could have a temporary home away from the Haunted House, until someone wants to adopt them (there is someone lining up).  Now they have escaped from my friend’s house!  I don’t know what to do.  I’ve alerted everyone I know on Facebook, hopefully there are some in the area who could spot them.  If you are in Faerie Glen or Garsfontein please keep an eye out?

We believe they will stick together.  The calico, Funnyface, is a good huntress so I don’t think they are in immediate danger of starving.  They are hopefully also streetwise, but of course there is never a guarantee on that.

My friend said that they started screaming every night at 1 am.  No idea why, but it is weird.  What went on every night at 1 am at the Haunted House?

There are already posters up for them from the search for their new home, but I think I’ll have to put up more now.


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