Why on Earth… (some Friday Creepiness)

Now, 3 and 1/2 months after, I’m beginning to feel the effects of the actual invasion.  I was numb with grief, before, or drowning.  Now the paranoia is kicking in.  Were we specifically targeted?  Why?  He was a musician, for the love of light!  He never hurt a fly!  He didn’t even have any abrasive political opinions – nothing.

This doesn’t make sense – but it does make for impressive nightmares.

Off topic:  a bit of extra creepiness (this is beginning to feel as though I’m in a Dean R Koontz novel, at least I hope it’s Koontz and not Stephen King, that’s even worse):

Why was it so important to my sister-in-law to come and literally raid our house of all documents (accidentally including my children’s birth certs!), and all of her mother’s medical records, within less than 48 hours of Hubbs’ death?

Ok, I know, I wasn’t supposed to ever see that will.  But why the medical records?

I told you:  Paranoia!  If I ever have the heart to work this whole thing into a novel, it will be a pretty wild one.


Did I jinx it with my short-stories?


10 thoughts on “Why on Earth… (some Friday Creepiness)

  1. Certain thoughts have crossed my mind as well regarding the attack. I have discussed it with family and they too are baffled.
    Why were they wearing vests for one?
    Have you asked your SIL about the docs?

    • She needed them because she was executor and Iain was co-executor of her mother’s estate, and he was the one who had been doing all the work… but why in such a raging rush, and why the medical documents? It is indeed odd.

    • I guess it could be, I was originally hoping that myself… well, I can’t say too much now, except that since Thursday night the plot has become as thick as gum.

  2. Weirdness to add to the tragic, horrific and bizarre?
    The legality of the action regarding those documents would seem to be heavily in question, as being premature to official Judicial appointments in line with the changed situation.

    • You’ve got it, Col. That’s what I’m wondering about now. What was in those documents, that I was not supposed to find out?

      I’ve also been informed since by more than one legal person that actually it is my duty to replace my husband as executor of Granny’s estate (not that I’d want to – *shudder*).

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