PTSD and people want to know

We’re coping.

Life will never be the same again.  Yep, of course not.  But, coping.

Had 2 birthdays in the family since;  Wildest One’s and my mother’s.  So my artistic oldest took on the task of creating a birthday cake for each:


It reminds me of the advice I was given when she herself was a toddler and I was trying to make her pretty birthday cakes.

Someone said, the kids don’t need the sponge cake underneath.  Just the icing with the theme on top – that’s all they eat anyway.

Fondant tastes yucky.  I think they put glue into it, and plastic.  So these cakes were more for looking at than eating.

Here is the 7th birthday cake Iain made for our oldest (I baked, he decorated) :


Please remember to keep an eye out for someone who could take our 2 kitties.  Still no luck finding them a home.  😦



11 thoughts on “PTSD and people want to know

  1. The cakes look too good to eat.
    Such a pity about the kitties. If only someone could take them on a lend-lease basis in the hopes that something will turn up enabling them to have a home with you again!
    Coping must be incredibly hard, but like a journey it is a question of taking one step (day) at a time.

    • Thanks… yes I was wishing they could bark so that people could hire them as guard cats. Sadly neither is a Temple Cat either. Jokes aside, I’m really cut up about my two kitties. But I guess that’s all about saying goodbye…

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