Checkpoint: Life

I’m useless at rhyming.  Tried it before.

Would like to update you all, but hang in there some more – things still pending.  This week should bring more clarity.



I desperately need a home for our poor kitties.  Where we are sheltering there is no space for more cats, so they are still in the haunted house, being fed by a kind neighbour (and me every time I drive by there).  If by end of this month nobody has offered to take Tiggles and Funnyface, I’ll have to hand them to Wetnose (have already phoned all the alternative places).  At least they are a no-kill shelter, but bloggies, please…  these two kitties have been with us for 10 years and they deserve better than a shelter!  Tiggles is a beautiful ginger female, Funnyface is a long-haired calico.  Tiggles, from the day she arrived on my doorstep, gave the impression that she understands every word we say.  Funnyface is cute, cuddly, intelligent, a sleek huntress of rats and mice (you won’t have to worry about pests again) and immensely affectionate.  Tiggles is a little more reserved – also cuddly though, will come and put her head on one’s lap when one is working on the computer.


Please let me know if you know someone who could take these two beauties.


4 thoughts on “Checkpoint: Life

  1. It is awful that one act by a stinking maggot-infested slimy lump of jackal dung should continue to have such a string of nasty consequences. I do hope a good home is found.

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