Amazing SCIO

Those who know me, will remember that I’ve been with one foot in natural healing just about forever.  It runs in the family.  My mom once scared off a boyfriend of mine 😀 with a very bitter herbal tea she made him for an upset stomach (even herbal remedies are mostly hit-and-miss for ordinary stomach upsets, the best remedy is unfortunately the body’s own response), and the words (in a heavy fake-German accent) “vot does not kill you makes you stronger, ya??”.  I’m afraid I wasn’t very girlfriendly at that point, I was trying not to laugh too loudly.

Ok.  That little story aside.

After that terrible night of the 19th January, I was terrified that my son, who had been giving resuscitation to his father as he died, would come down with a nasty lung disease or asthma attack and follow his father into the grave.  It would be a classic PNI response to such a traumatic event.  (True as bob, he did come down with tonsillitis, but the message from the body was very positive.  The tonsils are part of our defense system, and the onslaught onto his airways was blocked by his own vitality and inner strength.)

So I dragged him (and the girls) off to a friend of mine who is a natural healer, herb witch and qualified SCIO therapist.  I wanted to prevent further damage.

SCIO is a very interesting machine.  It is in fact a computer; it links onto the body via electrodes, and then it measures your electric emissions and frequencies.  It picks up such little details as iron deficiencies, depression, and gastric disturbances.  It also picks up allergies. It measures and then visualizes on the screen, your body’s bio-electric field.  And what you see on the screen, can look just like what we used to see in the old Kirlian photography.  A.k.a. your “aura”.

In fact, it showed an image of the bio-electric field standing next to mine; a pure white spirit, making like a jersey wrapping itself around me.

“There he is,” said my friend.  “You want to see?”

Now.  I have never met an atheist who isn’t able to explain something like that away into more “scientific” and “likely” scenarios, but the evidence is piling up:  Spirits are real.

The day before yesterday, we discovered to our astonishment that the movies in Woodlands have closed down – that had been our favourite movie theatre forever, even b.c..  And now it’s gone.  They shut their doors forever, at the end of January.

So we staggered into Exclusive Books (thank goodness still there), and there I found a book – to my astonishment, titled nearly exactly like a story I had started several years back but abandoned in favour of the Solar Wind series.  “Journey of Souls.”  (Mine was:  “Journey of a Soul” – same subject matter but mine was fiction.)

Interviews by a hypnotist with his subjects, when he does past-life and between-life regression on them.  The surprising part is how much these interviews correspond with what I was envisioning of the “between lives”.  You too?

I have to run, but I’m curious of your comments!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Amazing SCIO

  1. You know me … when to comes to natural I’m down on some, on other parts I am a natural skeptic. 😉

    Drop me line when you’re up to it, just to let me know how you’re doing?

  2. I always seek natural explanations for any ‘supernatural’ phenomena, but keep an open mind. The number of things for which any natural explanation is so unlikely as to be more unbelievable than the supernatural alternative is growing impressively.

    • If one regards it as supernatural in the first place. What exactly is “life force” anyway? Where does a brain, which is a lump of yucky-looking electrified meat if you like, develop a concept of itself?

    • It has these cunning little ego circuits. At least, that is what the doggedly scientific would have us believe. They do not allow for the possibility of a separate and controlling ‘life force’, or ‘soul’, or ‘spirit’.
      A vet I know, who is not the sort one would describe as fanciful, claims to be able to sense when that spirit has left an animal he has euthanized, and that it can be a bit before, or a short while after, vital signs have ceased.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily call the life force separate from the living thing… while alive. I think it’s much more integrated than that, with the spirit actually having a hand in creating the body during gestation and then through out life, having the power to self-repair or self-damage the body. That is not to say that external circumstances & invaders cannot cause illness and damage, but the spirit itself can do a lot of damage too – or heal.

      The bit that amazes me is where the actual spirit steps away from a no longer functional body, but stays intact as a personality. That, the way I see it, is always the point of debate. But if one disregards the possibility of scientific fraud and takes these observations at face value, it would be a lot of evidence to ignore.

    • Total integration is incompatible with all the ‘astral travel’ experiences, unless those are all fake or hallucinatory. That does not necessarily invalidate the rest of your hypotheses.

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