So the wake is over…

… and now some people feel free to remember the bad stuff, talk to me (who is being kept too busy with paperwork and practicalities to get a gap – or the privacy – to grieve) and “remind” me of Hubbs’ failings over the years.

I’m very sorry, but at this point they should go to hell.


Study the bar graph above & follow my concept.

This graph represents a person’s overall qualities, each measurable quality getting its own bar.  Each person has his own unique signature; no two people rate the same on any quality.

The little bar on the left, that short one, is one personality trait.  Let’s say for argument’s sake it’s the capability for generating and growing money.

Some people never look any further than the first bar.  This one bar, money, means, for them the entire “value” of the person.  If your money bar is tall, you’re great (and must therefore be honest, good, hard-working, a good parent, creative, intelligent, etc etc).  If it’s short, you’re a loser, a lazy bum, fill in epithets ad lib – even ones that should actually describe other bars.

I ask people who judge others only on their money value:  So then, what on Earth could be wrong with Zuma?  He’s rich, so he must be a great guy!


Rant over.


6 thoughts on “So the wake is over…

    • True. And everything is on a sliding scale. And nobody gets 100% for even their best qualities all the time. So, is the glass half full or half empty? That’s exactly it.

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