Haunted House

Dear Bloggies, I miss you!  Most days I’m too busy trying to figure things out to go online; when I do, I’m too depressed to know what to say.

This post about the Haunted House has been struggling to take shape and it is still taking shape.  I’ll write a story about it at some point.  But right now it is eerily real.  The Haunted House wants to suck us in every time we go there to pack some more things.  It wants us to “stay awhile”.  It tries to lure us into leaving the trellydoor unlocked.  “Look, the garden is so pretty!”  It tries to keep us until dark…  but we’re wary, and salted now, we see through its illusions…

It is not Iain who is haunting the house.  He’s not that kind of ghost, and in any case, it was haunted long before.  The creepy dark corridor, the weird new wing that was built on for the sole purpose of impressing passers-by (why??), and that was so dark and cold at night…  the way M-i-l never dared to move into the main bedroom because she felt “evil presences” there…  M-i-l formulated her will to the best interest of – are you sitting down? – her House!  Any more doubts that the blooming place is haunted?

So, please be patient, and think of the Swan (Saent-Saens), which glides gracefully across the surface with no apparent effort, while underneath the feet are paddling like mad…






9 thoughts on “Haunted House

  1. I do so hope some sunlight will start emerging from all those dark clouds soon. It reminds me of the dense smoke from the fire we have had raging in Durban; it is dissipating, but the effects are likely to remain for some time to come.
    The house seems truly strange. I have also found that some places have an indefinable atmosphere. I am reminded of a two-book series by Dornford Yates, Anthony Lyveden, and Valerie French, where an estate called Gramyre sucked people in to become slaves to it.
    Good cello rendition – Carnival of the Animals, and this section in particular, has always been a favourite of mine.

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