Minutes back, gunshots in the street.  A low register, sounded like at least a rifle.  I heard 7 of them but my children say there were four.  On calling the guard house, apparently this outside the wall.  It sounded as though it were right under our window!

Sorry, guys.  The mainstream media don’t bring a fraction of what’s actually going on here!  Also they dilute the issue.  “2 ‘lost’ in house burglary” – excuse me but that was no burglary, an armed team came in and terrorized another family of 5 on the 16th of March in Garsfontein, stabbed them all, two died, two went to hospital in critical condition and one was only cut “lightly”.  What the heck are the media doing using euphemisms such as “lost” rather than “murdered”, and “burglary” rather than “assassination” and “murder”?  Call the thing by it’s fricken name!!

Ok, all you people who want to prohibit guns.  Do you honestly think the criminals will give a rip about a law making their stolen guns illegal?  One little admin detail?  “Hold still while we slit your throats!”

Another little thing, how dare they give a criminal a nickname like “the Fence-Ninja”?  He jumps over fences and walls terrorizing, robbing at gunpoint, killing and injuring people, and they give him a cool name?  Isn’t a ninja some sort of hero?  Whose side are they on?

We’ll hopefully be able to find out online tomorrow what the heck went down there.  All I know is that my promise to Iain still has not been fulfilled and every day counts.



8 thoughts on “Shots…

    • There are websites that do… but they run into political trouble if they mention that certain population groups are more specifically targeted. Not mentioning that detail, though, is also ignoring facts.

  1. POI, the ninja were a brotherhood of assassins in feudal Japan, whose actions were considered dishonourable. So no, not heroes. But I guess a tag like that does tend to give a guy a kind of reverse-cachet. Don’t expect either sense or sensitivity from the media, though.

    • Thanks for the POI. Interesting. Because in the teenage generation a “ninja” is something unarguably cool… clearly they are not clued in on the real history.

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