Of course I must…

I’m putting ads online for the violin studio, feeling utterly lost that I can’t include guitar and theory in them anymore.  (I do teach theory but not separately – maybe I ought to start).  I feel like I should be apologizing to Iain for leaving out his number and contact details.  I can hear his commentary – “of course you must advertise!  I’d do it for you if I could!”  But it doesn’t make it better.

Peeps, for those of you who haven’t yet lost someone that close (those who have, already know) – picking up the pieces is hard.  Running into tons of brick walls financially and practically, can’t do this before doing that but can’t do that because it’s frozen in the estate and we have to wait…  how do people even get through this?  The things I can do to improve the situation – advertising for more students – feel like a betrayal of everything we’ve always done together.  But, at least they are things I can do.







4 thoughts on “Of course I must…

  1. As we found out, and Younger Daughter in particular, that first disaster is but the beginning of a long and bumpy ride. One has to hang onto the steering wheel while bouncing around furiously. In due course, though, the road does smoothen out even if it will never be the original highway.

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