Next item – self-defence


I made him a promise.

That promise included not only raising our children well but also keeping them safe.  And teaching them how to keep themselves safe.  Until they are old enough to be independent.

So.  That means self-defence classes.  Got the contact, haven’t yet started but it is high up on the list.  Learned a few moves in the interim.  It’s about practice, we have to train our bodies to move correctly, instinctively.  I know all about teaching your muscles to memorize moves – that’s what I do every day with my students!  So, kids, work lying ahead.

Today Iain’s absence is like a physical pain in my heart-stomach area.  (We used to make fun of this – every “heartache” was re-diagnosed as a stomachache.)

The website is down, by the way, but please do not worry.  It’s something I need to sort out with the web host, which will be sorted once there is time.  I’ve been thinking of redoing the entire site elsewhere anyway, because the old system is cumbersome and not very functional (has limitations that were never addressed).  Iain had all sorts of fresh ideas for P’kaboo and of course I’ll do my best to implement them.  Once there is a bit of time and space again and I’m out of this state of suspended animation.  In the interim, all our books that are on Amazon and Smashwords are still 100% on those sites, so if you’re looking for a specific title, try Amazon first.  (Smashwords second, it’s only my own books up there as yet.)

Iain also was working on a third album.  This may take some time and some sleuthing on my part but I’ll try to get it out there too, inasfar as he has recorded.

Three days before he was murdered like that, I started getting the feeling as though there were a veil across the sun – as though I didn’t have enough days left to waste time away from my family!  It was an eerie feeling but I shrugged it off as one does with something one doesn’t quite understand.  Also, in December, at some point I was dropping off a young musician at his home after dark, and when I returned home, suddenly Death was on the back seat.  Now, Death has accompanied me before on the roads at night and I’ve never been scared of him, but this time I was absolutely terrified, so spooked that I turned into a well-lit petrol station to get out and search my car, to make sure it was only Death and not some crawling assassin hiding in there!

Strange signs.


3 thoughts on “Next item – self-defence

  1. Self-defence is largely made up of rehearsing precautions and moves in reaction to possible scenarios, and then not having to think if those situations do arise, but acting on instinct.
    Strange about those feelings. Things like that go with Celtic connections, though.

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