The onslaught continues.

So we’re currently not in the house…

… we’ve had alarms tripping on Sunday, Tuesday (3 times) and now this morning at 4:50 am. Clearly the thugs are still at it, intent on plundering the home of their murder victim. What the heck are they hoping to find – gold???

But first on my list of suspects is actually the inept alarm company that failed to protect us in the first place.

Let’s look at this.

  1. Bullet proof vests that look just like theirs (only without the logo)?
  2. The company logs down every time the alarm trips and they physically find nobody (which is, every time), as a “false alarm” and wants to charge extra??
  3. A minimum of 15 minutes wait, every time they are called out?  (I waited up to 23 minutes in the past, too).  What a cushy margin for criminals, if they know this (and of course they do!).
  4. Tuesday they didn’t bother calling me.  When I called and challenged them, 1) they could deduce from my number which address was in question (so it’s not as though I’m not linked!).  2) They told me the contract was in my sister’s name and it was “expired”.   3) They told me that they’d first called my sister’s number, then changed their story and said they called the land line (not the first number they were supposed to call), after that, Iain’s phone.  I asked them if they had it logged that he was deceased (btw, shot dead on their watch), and they had no idea.  Clueless.  “Eet eez not in the log.”  Eventually they claimed that they’d called me on my number at “15:56 in the afternoon”.  I checked my phone log just to be sure.  There was absolutely no call – from anyone!  They were simply lying.
  5. Tuesday also, they claimed the alarm had gone off at “15:56 in the afternoon” – when they failed to call me – but that there was no alarm for around 6pm or 9:30 pm, which were the two alarms my neighbours heard and alerted me to.
  6. Why did they move / remove (I haven’t found them yet) the panic buttons in the house when they changed the alarm setup?  Is that even legal?

And now they call me awake to tell me there was a “burglary” at my house, and a “panic button was pressed”?  I sent in the company I’m hiring to replace them, and everything is quiet.

Who thinks along with me that I have a case?


13 thoughts on “The onslaught continues.

  1. Ineptitude of the highest degree, if not collusion.
    When comparing our security company, it is ridiculous. Ours arrive within minutes after an alarm – they send a unit without even waiting for the results of their telephone call to check (and they sometimes arrive while one is still on the phone to the control room).. Then they radio the response team to abort if the house-owner confirms it is a false alarm.
    Have any other houses in the area been targeted? In some parts locally a reign of terror is organised in order to bring prices in the area to rock bottom, and then the properties are snapped up probably by those who sent in the gangs.

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