“A Tensional Guitarist”

“So what are you calling your method?”

“Hmm…. wait, I’ve got it:  A Tensional Guitarist.”

Me (baffled) :”Why?”

He (laughs).  “Because it’s about tensions.  And attention.  Guitarists must pay attention to get a tension right.” (smirks) “Can’t half call it ‘Attention-deficient Guitarists’, can I?”  (laughs at own joke).

Me:  “But what is a ‘tension’?”

He (laughs at me) “What is attention?  Hmm, that will be difficult to explain…”

Me: “No, man!  You know what I mean!”

He (laughs some more because he just loves teasing me, even when his funniness is a bit lame and he knows it) “It comes from Jazz.  When you have a perfect chord, and you change one note to create tension…”

Me: “So, a dissonance?”

He:  “Guess that’s what you classical people call it.”


And then there was that book launch in Durbs…



8 thoughts on ““A Tensional Guitarist”

  1. A fine and easy-to-follow book which truly deserves a lasting following. The picture here must have been within minutes of the one I took, but in mine he is also holding the CD (DVD)?
    I recall Iain ‘converting’ me to the concept of tensions, which I then came to regard as the best way of expressing subtle discords deliberately created to challenge the ear, and not necessarily resolved.

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