Friday… (sorry no story post yet)

Iain was planning to do a lot of ebook launches this year, and he had a whole lot of new ideas for this.

Without him by my side, it will be that much more difficult to organize such events.  Iain loved events.  He loved speaking to a crowd, and singing to a crowd, and socializing with people during an event, it was simply his scene.

There is a dance move we used to do (it’s a very similar move we used to play as kids, my friends and I).  I have to say, it quickly clears the dance floor if there is not enough space!

You stand facing each other and take each other’s hands, but crossed over, right hand takes right hand and left hand takes left hand, so that they cross over each other in the middle between you. Start of standing close together, otherwise it doesn’t work so well.

Then you start spinning around that invisible axis made by your hands and your feet.  Lean back, balance your weights perfectly and spin.  It works when partners are pretty much equal.  Keep your feet together, centred directly under where your hands are, and lean back into the momentum.

Seen from above, you, your arms and hands create a figure-of-eight or an infinity sign.


(This image is from here:

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