With a straight spine

*insert image of angry dragon here*

We’re picking up the pieces.

Children deeply traumatized, each in own way.  Back to school, back to Uni, not yet back to homeschool.  Difficult times ahead.  Work schedule for me at least planned out again for the Studio (starting tomorrow, minus the venue of our house).

Me, all I can say is:  Beware!  I’m planning to bring down the wrath of the Immortals on those spooks who did this to us!

We’re holding our Iain a hero’s send-off on the 25th of Feb.  Those who are interested and know us personally, contact me for details.

I want to hold him close and selfishly keep him for myself only, but he was a very public and outgoing person, so I won’t take that away from him.  The world will hear about this!  Dammit, I’ve had enough of gangsters ruling it over honest people!  The more people contact me, the more I realize the immense influence he had – as a wonderful musician simply giving joy, fun and light, sharing, sharing his overflowing joy for life with roomfuls, pubfuls, wherever-he-went-fuls of people.  It feels to me as though all of Pretoria knew him and is mourning.

I have been very selfish ignoring calls and messages but I’ll rally round and get going with that too.  I can’t say things will be alright, they will never be alright again; but they might just return to being functional.  I’m working hard on it.

At his first workplace they called him “Ufundi” due to his amazing philosophical ideas.  I have looked up what Google thinks it means, and see there are a lot of definitions, but the translation they gave me back then was “wise man” and “knowledgeable man”.  (Remember here in SA we don’t have Swahili, we have Zulu and Xhosa.)


Still dancing, across the mortal divide… will never stop dancing


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