Baseless Fears

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I haven’t written any fiction for a while, and thought I’d better get backΒ in practice so that I can do another novel.Β Here is a fairy story in the meantime; get a drink and a comfortable chair …

wp_20170117_11_14_57_pro A portrait of Fairy Funnie upon arrival ahead of herself.

A Fairy Funnie Story Indeed

β€˜My new go-fast magic works too well,’ Fairy Funnie said to Sconnie Bunny.

β€˜How can it work too well?’ Sconnie asked.

β€˜I get home ahead of myself,’ Funnie said with a shudder.

Sconnie kicked an ear and looked puzzled. β€˜What’s so bad about that?’

β€˜I have nothing to sit on!’ Funnie wailed.

β€˜Why not? Surely the chair is there?’

β€˜Yes, but my bottom isn’t!’

Β© January 2017 Colonialist

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