#Authors: Get Real on #SocialMedia and Readers Will Respond #ASMSG #IARTG

Thank you Princess of the Light for this fantastic heads-up for authors, and thank you both Kate McLelland and Colleen Chesebro for reposting so I could find it! These are wonderful instructions for a shy author.

12 thoughts on “#Authors: Get Real on #SocialMedia and Readers Will Respond #ASMSG #IARTG

    • I agree, yet maybe it has more to do with one being completely au fait with this form of promotion. Jacked -up and super clued up.
      Some people are absolutely brilliant at utilizing this form of media marketing. where as others – me for example – as as dumb as soup.
      So if someone who is a whizz at this sort of stuff can take a product and turn it into ”gold” then this is the person who needs be handling this type of media marketing.
      Otherwise you end up with a dummy like me!

    • We shouldn’t underestimate them.

      I don’t, believe me.
      I just feel that, unless one is uber excited by the thought of being fully immersed in it, then perhaps it’s best left to someone who loves it to bits and can take the product and go ” Hell for leather.”

      There’s no reason why one must be be expected to be an expert or super enthusiastic over everything.
      Of course, there’s no reason I can’t be super enthusiastic about someone else who thrills at the idea of the opportunity to build an interactive platform to promote my work.
      And who knows, I might get dragged along in the wake of such enthusiasm and learn a bit at the same time?

    • Sorry, I forgot to add. I do try to keep tabs on some of this stuff. You mention 100% improvement. Which ones have worked for you that you would recommend for someone like me … bearing in mind you KNOW how thick I am around these things?

    • The one that worked best for me is actually the one you lured me into trying – blogging! 😀 Next best is Facebook, but it only works when I work it, and when there is something to crow about (like a new book or a cool review or something, this is why I thrash out short stories). And then, Smashwords is pretty impressive with getting fresh eyes on the books. I’m a bit of a dodo on twitter, I don’t tweet, I squawk, only once in an apocalypse. But it seems to work well for other authors.

    • 😦 Somehow, I think there needs to be chemistry between 1 type of social media and the person using it. I think, if you link to your books regularly in your blog posts (inside the actual posts, not only the side bar) it may bear fruit. What we need, M, is a lot more reviews. I’m working on it.

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