Air on G-string Knot Right

Have a look hair…
all up in the air
Knot the way
to play!
This G-string needs air replacement!

(and dashed if I could find a rhyme to “replacement”!) πŸ˜€

Colonialist's Blog

Oh, woe is me,
’t get me started …

Today my G
String went and parted.

What then hung out
Was truly shocking
It waved about
Inviting mocking.

β€˜TwasΒ all forlorn,
And long and stringy;
So badly worn,
That sorry thingy!

But solution
There was one plotted

To get it knotted.

Β wp_20170111_09_04_10_pro

Tuned up tightly
The G it sounded;
Touch knot lightly

A note well-rounded.

Past the tying
Notes were as normal,
All from trying
A fix informal!


Β© January 2017 Colonialist

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