Are we insane?

What kind of world do we live in, are we buying this B*S*?  Sugar is a poison but marijuana is good for you and must be legalized.

1. Marijuana and how it affects you

Here is a link to the side effects of marijuana (so happily pooh-poohed and made out as “brainwashing” by dope users) :

Short-term & long-term side effects of marijuana

I found the above link nice and clear, but here are two more that confirm the contents of the first:

So there you have 3 different sources:  A medical site (“evil establishment”), a government site (more “evil establishment”) and a holistic site (“cuckoos”).  It would be telling if the holistic site opposed what the other two sites say, but surprisingly it doesn’t.  It says almost exactly the same (with slight variations).

  • Short-term memory loss (who needs that?)
  • Long-term memory loss
  • Paranoia (and I have seen this in people who use dope, it is creepy)
  • Nervousness, irritability, insomnia  (The exact opposite of what people are trying to achieve, i.e. to “chill out”)
  • Lowering of IQ!!
  • … and may other effects, go ahead, follow the links.

Most significantly, what I have observed in people I met who use dope (and who all swear that is all they are using, nothing harder), is the following:

A nearly brain-dead lack of motivation, and a feeling of mild to severe depression (that spreads to every person in the room).

In every case I met personally (and one meets them, and now that hemp is legalized, you’ll meet many more of them), the motivation to improve ailing financial circumstances or in fact think positively about the future, was gone.  In every case, people turned to drifting from day to day without much of a plan, allowing their job / friends / relationships to pull them onward through life.  Over time, job, friends and relationships were lost but the general attitude was that it didn’t matter anyway.  Just have another joint and all will be fine.

That attitude ruins lives – and I’ve seen it develop with each and every marijuana user I’ve ever encountered.

Just to clarify my stance on the medicinal use of cannabis:

I’m all for using more natural means to cure cancer, and if marijuana really does this, let’s have the extracts and infiltrate them directly into the cancer.  But using cannabis just to “forget the pain of life” is a sad misconception, as cannabis use actually creates a lot of “pain of life”.

Energy vampirism

Some people are not all that aware of the energetic exchanges between people.  People give each other energy when they interact socially; or they take it from each other.  Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling buoyed-up and excited?  Conversely, have you left a conversation feeling dull and tired?  This is your best indicator that you’ve been vampirized.  You have been sucked dry of your joy for life.

Cannabis users vampirize others without even realizing it.  You come away there feeling, well, that chat was fun (er…sort-of), let’s not do it again.  Feeling blue and out of sorts and not being able to pinpoint why. Best remedy:  Get around positive people who are not users.  (Funny how the word “user” starts amplifying its meanings.)

Are we imagining these energy exchanges?  Only if life energy is entirely an imaginary concept.  If neurons don’t use electricity to conduct impulses, and if ATP isn’t used in cells to fuel every reaction by donating an electron.  Thank you.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!


Now, as for sugar being “poison”.

Sugar (and starch) is the basis of the insulin-based energy-generating pathway.

Here’s a diagram to refresh your high-school knowledge:


To explain:

ATP is the basic energy carrier that fuels all biological reactions (even in microbes).  In “fermentors”, which live exclusively without using oxygen in their metabolism (some bacteria and fungi), the energy output from each glucose molecule that is chemically digested like that, is only 2 ATP.

By the way all organisms can “ferment”, which is a much older energy pathway and dates back to before cyanobacter decided to pollute Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen.  So yes, your muscles can perform alcoholic fermentation – it happens when during strenuous exercise, the oxygen levels can’t keep up with the demand of the muscle cells.  The Krebs cycle cannot function without oxygen, so the cell switches to alcoholic fermentation, and the lack of enough ATP registers as fatigue, which forces you to take a break.  Also, the end products of alcoholic fermentation, instead of H2O and CO2, are alcohol and lactic acid, which then need to be broken down further and removed by the body, which you register as that classic muscle ache that carries on sometimes for days after strenuous exercise.  So as you see, you’d prefer your body to use the high-energy, oxygen-bound Krebs cycle.

The Krebs cycle starts with pyruvate, which is a break-down product of glucose.  Fructose and galactose can also break down to pyruvate, which is why they too work as energy sources.  When your body doesn’t get enough glucose through diet, it uses its glycogen stores (glycogen is a kind of animal starch, stored in the muscle cells).  Glycogen readily breaks down to glucose, but those stores are not overly large, they are mostly only there to stabilize blood glucose levels (without which you become comatose).

Glucose can be synthesized by all sorts of molecules. The process is called “gluconeogenesis”.


The animal body (and the human body) actually goes to the trouble of creating glucose from whatever it has in stock, so it can keep fuelling the Krebs cycle. Glucose is the most accessible basic food unit for the human body. Banting?  You’re eating loads of fat, right?  Well, that breaks down to tryglycerides (fatty acids), which then… see above diagram!  South Beach Diet?  You’re taking in lots of protein, which gets broken into amino acids, and…  see above!

If the body goes to all that effort to actually create glucose (split infinitive used for emphasis here), how dull must a person think we are, trying to palm off glucose as a “poison”?  …???


So on that note, happy new year once more and don’t be bull-spat.


8 thoughts on “Are we insane?

  1. today almost everyone go nuts arguing that marijuana is so safe and so good that we are all so stupid because we did not legalize the pot earlier, it would of given us so much more brain power and perspectives in our mental thoughts, that we would of solve all of our social political and economical problem by now for sure…. with the help of joints smoking … sounds stupid even to reproduce those comments from those advocates, but damns … most of them are well-educated people … so you start to believe that these arguments do have some merits …. I am glad to see your post ,it gives us all hope that some day truth will emerge and people will see it …. drug is drug, that is why it called this way in the first place… my 2 cents on the matter

    • Thank you, already I feel less alone in this!

      I have read what looks like strong evidence recently that cannabis cures cancer, and I do know a holistic healer personally who has had great effects with this therapy (I fully believe her). But I wouldn’t use other medicinal drugs for recreation either, it’s still drug abuse.

      It would give us more brain power? LOL! It lowers the IQ! But as John Cleese explains… stupid people lack the intelligence to know they are stupid. They believe themselves to be the cleverest of all. 😀

      But it could actually solve all problems – if we feed it to the right people! 😀 (Oooh, evil…)

  2. Using dagga recreationally reminds me of taking morphine or some form of anaesthetic when you aren’t actually in pain. These things are useful when needed, but negative when not.
    I wonder how many people know or accept that sugar isn’t fattening? Or that artificial sweeteners usually have some nasty stuff in them?

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