The Mystery of The Solar Wind

What a privilege to receive a great review from KCBooks! 🙂

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Book Review


The Mystery of The Solar Wind

This is a truly gripping futuristic story of action and adventure on the high… and low seas. As a kid I read things like, Treasure Island and other pirate stories, yet though I loved them, I’m never read a sea/pirate adventure since. The Mystery of The Solar Wind was recommended to me by a friend while is was on offer for free. I picked it up out of curiosity more than anything else… I’m so glad I did. This is a far cry from the pirate adventures I read as a kid.

It starts out with three very young musicians running away from the Unicate which is some kind of a dictating conglomerate overtaking the world. The Donegal Troubles as the musicians are called offer their services in exchange for refuge aboard The Solar Wind not knowing they are pirates and that…

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