America, the show’s over

Dear American friends, please realize this:

Political campaigns & elections are a show, a theatre, to entertain you and make you believe you are participating in a democracy.

Was there election rigging?  I cannot almost imagine there could be an election without it!  Both sides rig, all they can.  I don’t even doubt it.

But the biggest rig in this whole show was this (and the dead giveaway that it’s only a drama, staged for You:)  There were only two parties.

Psychologically, targeting the good/evil narrative in people.  More options?  Nope.  Not seriously.

It was, on the emotional and publicity level, the equivalent of a showy duel between two highly versed sword-fighters,  Captain Barbossa vs Captain Jack Sparrow.  (Enter the background music.)  Both candidates were no doubt aware of what they were doing.  It never was a real battle to the death; it was only supposed to look like that to the audience.

Jab, stab, parry.  You talk locker-room-style dirty about women; I call your voters “deplorables”.  Both made some strategically brilliant moves; both made strategic mistakes.  In the end, they congratulated each other. Good sportsmanship.

Shockingly, some of the voters did not display the same sportsmanship.


I am reminded of this (currently here, in this my own country – university “protest”) :


Flag-burning, rubbish-burning, car-burning…  Is that American?  Is this how Americans protest a political development?   Really, America?

It wasn’t a take-over.  It was a democratic vote.  The People Have Spoken.  It may have surprised many what The People have to say;  believing The People to be some sort of unified mass is a mistake many of us make.  I think, setting aside the possibility that the entire show was nothing but distraction, people underestimate how many people live below the breadline in desperate conditions.  Maybe that was the most shocking revelation in this whole effort.  America, are you ashamed of your poor?

Come on now.  The show is over; time to get back to work.  You will not overnight be out of a job (unless you get yourself locked up for flag-burning).  Nobody wants a “World War 3”.  Oh, except the oil-grabbers.  You’re saddled with those no matter who sits on America’s “throne”.  In essence, people:  You will be fine, as long as you make sure (and not by burning stuff, that’s really civilized, now isn’t it) that your petitions reach your government’s ears, that you can have referenda etc.

Good luck, stand strong, and stay blessed.



28 thoughts on “America, the show’s over

  1. Isn’t demagography democracy wunderbar!

    I love the irony that Clinton actually pulled more individual votes yet lost the election!
    As someone noted, ”What’s wrong with this picture?”

    Did it rain a bit over your way?

    😉 Sheesh!

    • Did she get more actual individual votes? Oh yeah, right. Then again, actually not surprising.

      The whole thing was rigged, from the outset. The entire structure for the voting is suspect. Why should an American only be allowed to vote once, in four years, for a “king” or “queen” who then ends up lording it for 4 years before the American can once again say, “hey, hang on, this is a crappy overlord, let’s try someone else”? Why can’t ordinary Americans, for instance, participate in legislation such as, “should we tighten or open the borders” and “should vaccination be a parental choice”? What about the TTIP? Which ordinary American got a chance to vote about that? Or the ways the banksters privatized the printing of American currency? Why should all that be okay?

      Yup we got a bucket or two :-D. I heard that the highways were flash-flooded. Terrible.

    • It is something called the College System? I stand under correction.

      I haven’t bothered to fully familiarize myself with the system but it seems all about winning States and each state has a different number of boroughs/ seats or something.

      It all seems to be loaded to me.

      I mean, how can you become el Presidente with less ‘Ticks’ than you opponent?
      I need someone more Politically Savvy to explain it.

    • Actually I also believe the “burn stuff” reaction is the response of a people who feel they have no other choice. Maybe those hooligans are looking over here to our hooligans and observe: In South Africa, burning stuff gets you political results. Let’s try if that works in America too?

    • Dear Ark

      I think, although don’t know, that their quaint electoral college system is no different to our first past the post system in the UK. So total votes cast, unlike a referendum, are irrelevant. Eg, in the Brexit ref, Gib had 90 something per cent in favour to remain. Yet those 800+ leave votes counted. In an election they wouldn’t have done.

      Help. Or not?

    • Not really.
      I am thick as two short planks when it comes to politics.
      I always thought it was simply a case of ”All those in favour say Aye.”

      am not a citizen of SA so I have only voted once, when democracy was first ushered in and they allowed everyone over 18 to vote.
      Once the ANC got in ( was forgone in any case) they changed the rules.

    • Ok. Rinse and repeat. I suspect, but don’t know, that the American system is similar to the UK. We vote (or did) for an MP or President or total wazzock. In the area we vote, the maximum vote counts and prevails. Eg, if you and I stood for election, you got five votes, I got ten, I would win. Your five votes count for jsn.
      There may have been something back in 60s ? when the defeated party in a general election had more votes? Can’t remember. Hence the oft mooted proportional representation requests.

    • Why would you get ten votes? Bloody cheek! 😉

      I was referring more to the US system, noting how Clinton won the Popular Vote with more (overall) ‘Ticks’ yet lost the election, which seems daft.

    • So do you get to vote on border controls or vaccination or banking or trade agreements? The world misunderstands the word democracy.

      Not in South Africa, we don’t. Here it is 1 man, 1 vote, 1ce in 5 years. (And “man” means anyone 18 and over, even if he is a woman. And btw we are undisputed masters at election rigging. 😀 I believe. We have to be world best at something! America could learn from us.

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  3. Why don’t you ask an American? The USA is a federation of States,, each with its own laws, and each state according to the votes each candidate gets in a presidential election decides who to vote for in the electoral college. That’s how it works. in the European Union for example Germany maty vote one way , Italy another and France with Italy (!) even though the referendum in question may have gotten more yes votes all over, it could still lose. Some American states have the electoral college organized so that whoever wins the state even by one vote takes all the votes in their electoral college. other states divide up their electoral votes by congressional district. Anyway that’s how it works, more or less. And by the way the total votes aren’t in yet so Trump may well win the popular vote as well. Too early to call. Thank you for all your considerations. I hope this helps.

  4. “… It was a democratic vote…”

    No it wasn’t, and if I had a spare hour I could demonstrate how and why it wasn’t. But I haven’t. I can point you to ‘Manufacturing Consent’ by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky, and that’ll have to do, even though it only deals with the manipulation of public opinion and not the rest of the problem.

    • TBH I don’t think the program changes, no matter who’s sitting on the throne.

      Someone once dressed it up as, “so, are you voting for the Rockefeller Democrats or the Rockefeller Republicans?” 😀

    • Let’s put it this way: If one buys into the narrative of “democracy”, then it was a “democratic” vote. Of course opinion gets manipulated, all the time! Even you and I do our fair share of it – but the people with the big megaphones do it more effectively, obviously.

      By now I’ve heard that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax? Good gosh, one really doesn’t know what to believe online! It wouldn’t be impossible – think Blair Witch Project. One has to wonder why such experiments as Blair Witch ever get made. Cooking with people’s perception, causing panic – possibly to find out just how far one can con a person? And then it’s easy to spread a rumour that something that happened, was a hoax, or spread a hoax and say it really happened, and nobody who wasn’t physically present will be able to tell the difference.

      Personally I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a genuine election. How easy to fake all those data. They only still stage the entire con game so that people don’t realize they’re 100% remote-controlled – 1984, George Orwell. (Saw a meme: “I wrote 1984 as a warning, not an instructions manual! – GO”)

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