It’s about the music

Ok, I realized I really can’t complain.

While one always gets situations that will prompt this post, I’ve established today that the Studio Concert coming up is promising to be pretty wonderful.

Exams have once again demonstrated to me why they are not a part of my standard teaching system.  The only person who detests them more than I do is the poor kid who has to play them.  All so that she can be marked down by some foreigner who feels uncomfortable in our glorious summer heat and is therefore grouchy to start with.

That is not necessary.  Studio concerts are glamorous Gala affairs, where the kids can get a real taste of the magic of stage life.  The upcoming concert features no less than four ensembles:

Opening with our strings ensemble that is manned by advanced and ex-students (as in, young musicians that jumped out the top of the teaching system); then our intrepid Junior Orchestra ages 7 – 14 and stages beginner to intermediate, a.k.a. the “Traffic Jam”; which has been improved by adding my son on the cello;  Hubbs’ advanced “Trad of the Isles” Irish ensemble, and “Jipsy Jangles”, being the four of us – my 3 children and I.

We might also be graced with sibling ensembles, two by advanced students (who all play in the strings ensemble too); and one by a pair of sisters who joined our studio only this year.

And then the solos:  far intermediate students and medium intermediate students, all of whom I’m very proud of; my cute tiny beginners who are respectively, six, six, seven and eight; my little star from Gui-Lin Province, who is also seven and plays the moon from the sky; my own two who have been developing well in the able hands of colleagues, leaving me in the thankful role of supporting parent and relieving me of the pressure of having to be both the teacher and the parent.  I’m actually very privileged concerning my children; all three love music (my oldest sings).  I have enough colleagues whose children want nothing to do with music.

I don’t know what is up Hubbs’s sleeve with his guitarists;  I’m sure they also have some really wonderful numbers, but even if they didn’t, we’d be able to put together a good concert all by ourselves.

There is only one thing such a concert must never be:  Boring.

I want to introduce a Kudos system with my studio parents.  Kudos are earned by attending the studio concerts; by attending the Ceilidhs; by ensuring solid lesson attendance; by (of course!) enforcing practising.

Isn’t it strange?  A dismal exam session is nearly meaningless against a fabulous concert.  I’m going to make exams very difficult to access.  The more difficult they are to access, the easier they are to pass.  Concerts simply mean so much more to everyone!  And concerts too are the “real world” of music.


On another note, Google Alerts sent me this link this morning:

: Free ebook sample of “Nix Romipen” by Lyz Russo

My first reaction:  Gosh!  Free?  A pirate site?  What’s happening here?  But on closer inspection, they are fully legit…

Go for it, go read a bit, grab a copy; feel free!






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