Sir Herbert Restaurant

If you’re in Pretoria, you may want to try this place on Justice Mohamed Rd (formerly Walker Street).

2016-10-madibaJustice Mohamed is indeed the Long Street of Justice, previously having been three different roads flowing into each other.  We were on our way back from missioning into town on some errand, when I decided to spoil my spouse a little.  After all he put up with my driving without backseat-driving, not even a little bit.

We missed the sliproad that would have taken us to Peter Pan Park (a.k.a. Magnolia Dell), but he told me that there was a place on Justice Mohamed that he’d been wanting to try for a while.  Right after the traffic light to Brooklyn Rd, he made me turn left, and (to my surprise) into a well-shaded parking lot.

The first thing that jumped to attention was a picture framing shop.  My oldest currently produces paintings like others would churn out pancakes; it would be a very useful skill for her to learn.

Adjacent to the framers there is a restaurant / tea garden, “Sir Herbert”. It is almost more an art gallery.

Left to right & top to bottom:

  1. Tea garden.  2. Friendly waiter. 3. Intriguing horse statue (looks as though it depicts an ancient Mongol king.)  4. The entire restaurant inside is a gallery. 5. This painting intrigued us…  a love story of two trees on the ocean!  I would love to buy it…  6.  Cheeky wall plaque

I have to add here that I have never yet been fussed over as much by a restaurant and its staff.  Their service was far beyond tops!  They whipped up scones – freshly baked – just because we ordered them, even though they were not on the menu before!  Their iced coffees were real continental iced coffees and not – like so many places here get it wrong – coffee milkshakes.  Right at the end, when it was time to pay, we learned that they actually didn’t even open before 12h noon!  They had been giving us royal treatment all the way, and here were we, not even wondering why on Earth we were the only patrons at such a lovely restaurant, at 11h am on a Friday morning (when more disciplined people work for their bosses). 😀  Trust gipsika!

They have some fun special offers and progams on.  Sir Herbert has an app in the Google Play store; if you download the app, not only do you get updates about their agenda (typically, this weekend Helena Hettema is giving a performance there and they do live music every now and then); but you also get a free dessert simply for downloading the app!

And, significantly, they are planning at some point soon to host Hubbs’ Irish band, Trad (of the Isles).




We’ll keep you posted when this happens!


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