P’kaboo update:


Click the pic to go through to the P’kaboo book site.

Ready to get back into action.

Sometimes life’s karma creates that “washing machine” effect and you get tumbled around and have your hands full just hanging onto your sanity, never mind your hat.

During such times, focus narrows on the most basic survival issues.  Are the kids fed?  Are the wolves being kept from the door?  Am I maintaining a high enough standard of teaching that my studio doesn’t run away?  In times like these, admin falls by the wayside; extras get left out; sometimes critically important stuff is cut back.  You’ll sacrifice something.  What that is, you’ll either decide, or find out afterwards.

The worst is over, and what remains is basically logistic.  We have also managed to pump some fresh energy back into the studio so that hopefully, our students have caught new inspiration.  Two performances are finished, now we can look forward.

I’m not yet throwing P’kaboo/Honeymead open to new submissions.  Those subs that were accepted and are hanging on, will be processed first.  Time frames?  I don’t really make predictions, but the effort will be to have everything ready before December.  The rewriting of the P’kaboo website for mobile-friendly apps will take some time (it is a large-ish website), probably not in time for December if the other items will be.

Someone said:  “I’ve accepted that I can’t ride two horses – I don’t have two asses”.  But I’ve never yet accepted that this applies to me!  I’ll ride the whole jolly stampeding herd!     😀  And the asses with their short little legs will just have to keep up with the horses.  (Just now and then – will someone remind me to catch some sleep please? 😉 )

Will be posting 2 more reviews from Roughseas, through the week sometime.

~ gipsika ~


7 thoughts on “P’kaboo update:

  1. What you have just been through is like the tidal wave in that one Solar WInd adventure – and to emerge so soon without a broken rudder and all the sails in tatters is quite remarkable

    • 🙂 Col, you’ve been through something similar not too long ago and I believe the surf over at your side is still pretty rough. I’m just hoping things will calm down for you too, soon.

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