There’s No Mental Illness

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Self Medicant

There’s no mental illness in the corn and bean fields of a small, rural town. You live simply, graduate high school with the twenty others you began with in kindergarten, start a family at eighteen, and learned to pay the bills. My parents were high school sweethearts, settling in the small town like their parents and brothers and sisters, had my brother two years later. Dad, a factory job driving a forklift. Mom, working as a secretary while she studies at the community college. Working to pay off the house. Needs a new roof.

Seldom when people leave, if they return they return with stories of big cities and slicked back hair, soon enough caught up in the going ons between seasons. 

“John got the job as the janitor.

“Carson’s shed burnt down. Natural fire, so they say. Second one in five years.”

All remains. No streetlights…

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