A Medieval Fayre at Inanda Country Lodge

With an open mind we went in to see what this would be about.

Well, actually that’s not how it started.  A friend found this Fayre online and suggested that Hubbs’ traditional Irish band play there.  Once the organizers welcomed the band enthusiastically, the girl in the band who was organizing it, worked on me a little – don’t I want to come, too?

I have very little time these days and what I do have (over and above writing etc), I like spending with my kids.  So my conditions were:  1) it would involve my kids and 2) it wouldn’t cost entrance, parking etc.

And involve my kids it did! As “Jipsy Jangles” we “worked” the market, playing our tunes first in one corner, then another.  If gypsy music is fun, try it with young musicians.

Whenever we were off duty, we were also having a stack of fun – there was such a lot to see.  We didn’t get to applying “vegetable justice”, and we didn’t end up riding any unicorns (more’s the pity), but the stalls made up for it.  What a magnificent Fayre!  There was even a booth where they performed handfastings (pagan weddings).

We worked hard though.  It was the kids’ very first experience of an outdoors gig, and it was a marathon.  So we are home, knackered, sore feet, a little burnt and very smug and contented with ourselves.  The one thing I regret is that I have no cellphone camera at this point, so we didn’t take pictures to commemorate the day.

If I have a little crit about the day, it was that there were too many stalls for the amount of patrons.  I’m not complaining about too many stalls (ever!), but many of the stallholders didn’t do too well out of it.  I have attended Fayres in various roles, vending aromatherapy, vending books, and being the musician, and I have to say that being the musician takes the cake, each and every time, over sitting watching patrons walking past and waiting for sales.  And if you’re selling something, know what to sell.  I’m reminded of “The basic insanity of book marketing”.  Don’t first have a product.  First find out what the customer wants!

Goodnight, bloggies!  From a very tired and smiling





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