Reviews: While I wasn’t paying attention

…  Roughseasinthemed, blogger, professional journalist and editor wrote two gorgeous reviews for Solar Winds 1 and 2!

To be honest, I was pretty scared of her reading my books.  She is a professional journal editor, a veteran in the trenches so to speak, and a specialist on more than English.  I knew she’d find the stuff that was wrong with the series, but I didn’t know what it was going to be…  credibility?  Poor writing style?

What a surprise to find that she enjoyed these books and left me absolutely glorious 4-star reviews.  (They were never going to be 5-star – did I mention she’s a veteran editor?)

Thank you, Roughseas!

Here they are:

Roughseasinthemed’s Reviews > The Mystery of the Solar Wind

The Mystery of the Solar Wind by Lyz Russo

The Mystery of the Solar Wind
by Lyz Russo (Goodreads Author)


Roughseasinthemed‘s review

Aug 27, 2016
really liked it


I really enjoyed this imaginative, creative, futuristic pirate story. But it’s so much more than just a pirate story: dark governmental controlling forces, relationships, genetics, and a total sense of adventure. Russo’s characters are great and totally credible. I was surprised how long it was, and there were very few errors for such a long book, so I just dove right in and enjoyed the ride, or, sail.


Roughseasinthemed’s Reviews > The Assassin

The Assassin by Lyz Russo

The Assassin (Solar Wind #2)
byLyz Russo(Goodreads Author)


Roughseasinthemed‘s review

Aug 27, 2016
really liked it


This was a fantastic sequel to The Mystery of the Solar Wind. Action-packed may be a cliché but this book was full of action, emotion and nail-biting moments. Loved it from start to finish. Our favourite characters develop more, and happy endings for good people don’t always win out so there is gritty realism.

Why not five stars? Well, if you are going to write in Spanish, it’s a good idea to get it right. There were errors. And, there was some repetitive phrasing that should have been tightened up. And some silly little proofing errors. Understandable in a long book. Also, I got lost with the assassination targets. The numbers seemed to change. What happened to the ones in Hong Kong?

Otherwise, it was a top notch read, recommended.


Thank you, Roughseas!  Top notch?  My socks are officially off.

9 thoughts on “Reviews: While I wasn’t paying attention

  1. Actually they would be 4.5/5 if they were reproofed. I find star rating a nuisance at the best of times. The storytelling is great, that’s the real strength, along with the characters. Always a good start for a writer!

    You aren’t the first to worry what I would think of a book. I’m not really scary. Besides, if I think something’s crap, I send a nice helpful email saying why I think it’s crap, rather than writing it in public. Well, for self-publishers. Trad published authors can look after themselves – and some of the crap that comes out of the big houses is dire.

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